The dictionary contains over 2 - 500 Bible related proper names and their meanings.

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Kabzeel - the congregation of God
Kadesh - holiness
Kadesh-barnea - holiness of an inconstant son
Kadmiel - God of antiquity; God of rising
Kadmonites - ancients; chiefs
Kallai - light; resting by fire; my voice
Kanah - of reeds
Kareah - bald; ice
Karkaa - floor; dissolving coldness
Karkor - they rested
Karnaim - horns
Kartah - calling; meeting
Kedar - blackness; sorrow
Kedemah - oriental; ancient; first
Kedemoth - antiquity; old age
Kehelahath - a whole; a congregation
Keiiah - she that divides or cuts
Kelaiah - voice of the Lord; gathering together
Kelitah - same as Kelaiah
Kemuel - God hath raised up - or established him
Kenah - buying; possession
Kenan - buyer; owner
Kenaz - this purchase; this lamentation
Kenites - possession; purchase; lamentation
Kenizzites - possession; purchase
Keren-happuch - the horn or child of beauty
Kerioth - the cities; the callings
Keros - crooked; crookedness
Keturah - that makes the incense to fume
Kezia - superficies; the angle; cassia
Keziz - end; extremity
Kibroth-hattaavah - the graves of lust
Kibzaim - congregation
Kidron - obscure; making black or sad
Kinah - same as Kenah
Kir - a city; wall; meeting
Kirharaseth - Kirharesh - city of the sun; wall of burnt brick
Kirioth - same as Kerioth
Kirjath - city; vocation; meeting
Kirjathaim - the two cities; callings; or meetings
Kirjath-arba - city of four; fourth city
Kirjath-arim - city of those who watch
Kirjath-baal - city of Baal - or of a ruler
Kirjath-huzoth - city of streets; populous city
Kirjath-jearim - city of woods
Kirjath-sannah - city of enmity - or of a blackberry bush
Kirjath-sepher - city of letters - or of the book
Kish - hard; difficult; straw; for age
Kishi - hardness; his gravity; his offense
Kishion - hardness; soreness
Kishon - hard; sore
Kithlish - it is a wall; the company of a lioness
Kitron - making sweet; binding together
Kittim - breaking; bruising small; gold; coloring
Koa - hope; a congregation; a line; a rule
Kohath - congregation; wrinkle; bluntness
Kolariah - voice of the Lord
Korah - baldness; ice; frost
Kushaiah - same as Kishi


Laadah - to assemble together; to testify; passing over
Laadan - for pleasure; devouring; judgment
Laban - white; shining; gentle; brittle
Labana - the moon; whiteness; frankincense
Lachish - who walks - or exists - of himself
Lael - to God; to the mighty
Lahad - praising; to confess
Lahairoi - who liveth and seeth me
Lahmam - their bread; their war
Lahmi - my bread; my war
Laish - a lion
Lamech - poor; made low
Laodicea - just people
Lapidoth - enlightened; lamps
Lasea - thick; wise
Lashah - to call; to anoint
Lazarus - assistance of God
Leah - weary; tired
Lebanon - white - incense
Lebaoth - lividness
Lebbeus - a man of heart; praising; confessing
Lebonah - same as Labana
Lehabim - flames; inflamed; swords
Lehi - jawbone
Lekah - walking; going
Lemuel - God with them - or him
Leshem - a name; putting; a precious stone
Letushim - hammermen; filemen
Leummim - countries; without water
Levi - associated with him
Libnah - white; whiteness
Libni - same as Libnah
Libya - the heart of the sea; fat
Linus - net
Lo-ammi - not my people
Lod - nativity; generation
Lois - better
Lo-ruhamah - not having obtained mercy; not pitied
Lot - Lotan - wrapt up; hidden; covered; myrrh; rosin
Lubin - heart of a man; heart of the sea
Lucas - Lucius - luminous; white
Lucifer - bringing light
Lud - Ludim - same as Lod
Luhith - made of boards
Luke - luminous; white
Luz - separation; departure; an almond
Lycaonia - she-wolf
Lydda - Lydia - a standing pool
Lysanias - that drives away sorrow
Lysias - dissolving
Lysimachus - scattering the battle
Lystra - that dissolves or disperses


Maachah - pressed down; worn; fastened
Maachathi - broken
Maadai - pleasant; testifying
Maadiah - pleasantness; the testimony of the Lord
Maai - belly; heaping up
Maale-akrabbim - ascent of scorpions
Maarath - den; making empty; watching
Maaseiah - the work of the Lord
Maasiai - the defense - or strength - or trust of the Lord
Maath - wiping away; breaking; fearing; smiting
Maaz - wood; wooden
Macedonia - burning; adoration
Machbenah - Machbanai - poverty; the smiting of his son
Machi - poor; a smiter
Machir - selling; knowing
Machnadebai - smiter
Machpelah - double
Madai - a measure; judging; a garment
Madian - judgment; striving; covering; chiding
Madmannah - measure of a gift; preparation of a garment
Madon - a chiding; a garment; his measure
Magbish - excelling; height
Magdala - tower; greatness
Magdalene - a person from Magdala
Magdiel - declaring God; chosen fruit of God
Magog - covering; roof; dissolving
Magor-missabib; fear on every side
Magpiash - a body thrust hard together
Mahalah - Mahalath - sickness; a company of dancers; a harp
Mahaleleel - praising God
Mahali - infirmity; a harp; pardon
Mahanaim - tents; two fields; two armies
Mahanehdan - tents of judgment
Mahanem - a comforter
Maharai - hasting; a hill; from a hill
Mahath - same as Maath
Mahavites - declaring a message; marrow
Mahaz - an end; ending; growing hope
Mahazioth - seeing a sign; seeing a letter
Maher-shalal-hash-baz - making speed to the spoil; he hastens to the prey
Mahlah - Mahli - Mahlon - same as Mahali
Makas - same as Mahaz
Makheloth - assemblies; congregations
Makkedah - worshiping; burning; raised; crookedness
Malachi - my messenger; my angel
Malcham - Malchom - their king; their counselor
Malchiah - Malchijah - the Lord my king - or my counselor
Malchiel - God is my king - or counselor
Malchus - my king - kingdom - or counselor
Maleleel - same as Mahaleleel
Mallothi - fullness; circumcision
Malluch - reigning; counseling
Mammon - riches
Mamre - rebellious; bitter; set with trees
Manaen - a comforter; a leader
Manahethites - my lady; my prince of rest
Manasseh - forgetfulness; he that is forgotten
Manoah - rest; a present
Maon - house; place of sin
Mara - Marah - bitter; bitterness
Maralah - sleep; a sacrifice of myrrh; ascension
Maranatha - the Lord is coming
Marcus - polite; shining
Mareshah - from the beginning; an inheritance
Mark - same as Marcus
Maroth - bitterness
Marsena - bitterness of a bramble
Martha - who becomes bitter; provoking
Mary - same as Miriam
Mash - same as Meshech
Mashal - a parable; governing
Masrekah - whistling; hissing
Massa - a burden; prophecy
Massah - temptation
Matred - wand of government
Matri - rain; prison
Mattan - Mattana - Mattenai - gifts; rains
Mattaniah - gift - or hope - of the Lord
Mattatha - his gift
Mattathias - the gift of the Lord
Matthan - same as Mattan
Matthanias - same as Mattaniah
Matthal - gift; he that gives
Matthew; given; a reward
Matthias - Mattithiah - same as Mattathias
Mazzaroth - the twelve signs of the zodiac
Meah - a hundred cubits
Mearah - den; cave; making empty
Mebunnai - son; building; understanding
Mecherath - selling; knowledge
Medad - he that measures; water of love
Medan - judgment; process
Medeba - waters of grief; waters springing up
Media - measure; habit; covering
Megiddo - his precious fruit; declaring a message
Megiddon - same as Megiddo
Mehetabel - how good is God
Mehida - a riddle; sharpness of wit
Mehir - a reward
Mehujael - who proclaims God
Mehuman - making an uproar; a multitude
Mejarkon - the waters of Jordan
Mekonah - a foot of a pillar; provision
Melatiah - deliverance of the Lord
Melchi - my king; my counsel
Melchiah - God is my king
Melchi-shua - king of health; magnificent king
Melchizedek - king of justice
Melea - supplying; supplied
Melech - king; counselor
Melita - affording honey
Mellicu - his kingdom; his counselor
Melzar - circumcision of a narrow place - or of a bond
Memphis - abode of the good
Memucan - impoverished; to prepare; certain; true
Menahem - comforter; who conducts them; preparation of heat
Menan - numbered; rewarded; prepared
Mene - who reckons or is counted
Meonenim - charmers - regarders of times
Mephaath - appearance - or force - of waters
Mephibosheth - out of my mouth proceeds reproach
Merab - he that fights or disputes
Meraioth - bitterness; rebellious; changing
Merari - bitter; to provoke
Mercurius - an orator; an interpreter
Mered - rebellious - ruling
Meremoth - bitterness; myrrh of death
Meres - defluxion; imposthume
Meribah - dispute; quarrel
Meribbaal - he that resists Baal; rebellion
Merodach - bitter contrition
Merodach-baladan - bitter contrition - without judgment
Merom - eminences; elevations
Meronothite - my singing; rejoicing; bearing rule
Meroz - secret - leanness
Mesha - burden; salvation
Meshach - that draws with force
Meshech - who is drawn by force
Meshelemiah - peace - or perfection - of the Lord
Meshezaheel - God taking away; the salvation of God
Meshillamith - peaceable; perfect; giving again
Meshullam; peaceable; perfect; their parables
Mesobaite - the Lord's standing-place; a little doe
Mesopotamia - between two rivers
Messiah - anointed
Metheg-ammah - bridle of bondage
Methusael - who demands his death
Methusaleh - he has sent his death
Meunim - dwelling-places; afflicted
Mezahab - gilded
Miamin - the right hand
Mibhar - chosen; youth
Mibsam - smelling sweet
Mibzar - defending; forbidding; taking away
Micah - poor; humble
Micaiah - who is like to God?
Micha - same as Micaiah
Michaiah - Michael - same as Micah
Michal - who is perfect?
Michmach - he that strikes
Michmethah - the gift or death of a striker
Michri - selling
Michtam - golden psalm
Middin - judgment; striving
Midian - judgment; covering; habit
Migdalel - tower of God
Migdalgad - tower compassed about
Migdol - a tower
Migron - fear; farm; throat
Mijamin - right hand
Mikloth - little wants; little voices; looking downward
Minneiah - possession of the Lord
Milalai - circumcision; my talk
Milcah - queen
Milcom - their king
Miletum - red; scarlet
Millo - fullness
Miniamin - right hand
Minni - reckoned; prepared
Minnith - same as Minni
Miriam - rebellion
Mishael - who is asked for or lent
Mishal - parables; governing
Misham - their savior; taking away
Misheal - requiring; lent; pit
Mishma - hearing; obeying
Mishmannah - fatness; taking away provision
Mishraites - spread abroad
Mispar - Mispereth - numbering; showing; increase of tribute
Misrephoth-maim - hot waters
Mithcah - sweetness; pleasantness
Mithnite - loin; gift; hope
Mithredath - breaking the law
Mitylene - purity; cleansing; press
Mizar - little
Mizpah - Mizpeh - a watch-tower; speculation
Mizraim - tribulations
Mizzah - defluxion from the head
Mnason - a diligent seeker; an exhorter
Moab - of his father
Moladah - birth; generation
Molech - Moloch - king
Molid - nativity; generation
Mordecai - contrition; bitter; bruising
Moreh - stretching
Moriah - bitterness of the Lord
Moserah - Moseroth - erudition; discipline
Moses - taken out; drawn forth
Mozah - unleavened
Muppim - out of the mouth; covering
Mushi - he that touches - that withdraws or takes away
Myra - I flow; pour out; weep
Mysia - criminal; abominable


Naam - fair; pleasant
Naamah - Naaman - beautiful; agreeable
Naarah - Naarai - young person
Naashon - that foretells; that conjectures
Nabal - fool; senseless
Naboth - words; prophecies
Nachon - ready; sure
Nachor - same as Nahor
Nadab - free and voluntary gift; prince
Nagge - clearness; brightness; light
Nahaliel - inheritance; valley of God
Nahallal - praised; bright
Naham - Nahamani - comforter; leader
Naharai - my nostrils; hot; anger
Nahash - snake; serpent
Nahath - rest; a leader
Nahbi - very secret
Nahor - hoarse; dry; hot
Nahshon - same as Naashon
Nahum - comforter; penitent
Nain - beauty; pleasantness
Naioth - beauties; habitations
Naomi - beautiful; agreeable
Naphish - the soul; he that rests - refreshes himself - or respires
Naphtali - that struggles or fights
Narcissus - astonishment; stupidity
Nason - helper; entry-way
Nathan - given; giving; rewarded
Nathanael - the gift of God
Nathan-melech - the gift of the king - or of counsel
Naum - same as Nahum
Nazareth - separated; crowned; sanctified
Nazarite - one chosen or set apart
Neah - moved; moving
Neapolis - the new city
Neariah - child of the Lord
Nebai - budding; speaking; prophesying
Nebaioth - words; prophecies; buds
Neballat - prophecy; budding
Nebat - that beholds
Nebo - that speaks or prophesies
Nebuchadnezzar - Nebuchadrezzar - tears and groans of judgment
Nebushasi_hahban - speech; prophecy; springing; flowing
Nebuzar-adan - fruits or prophecies of judgment
Necho - lame; beaten
Nedabiah - prince or vow of the Lord
Neginoth - stringed instruments
Nehelamite - dreamer; vale; brook
Nehemiah - consolation; repentance of the Lord
Nehum - comforter; penitent
Nehushta - made of brass
Nehushtan - a trifling thing of brass
Neiel - commotion - or moving - of God
Nekoda - painted; inconstant
Nemuel - the sleeping of God
Nepheg - weak; slacked
Nephish - same as Naphish
Nephishesim - diminished; torn in pieces
Nephthalim - same as Naphtali
Nephthoah - opening; open
Nephusim - same as Nephishesim
Ner - a lamp; new-tilled land
Nereus - same as Ner
Nergal - the great man; the hero
Nergal-sharezer - treasurer of Nergal
Neri - my light
Neriah - light; lamp of the Lord
Nethaneel - same as Nathanael
Nethaniah - the gift of the Lord
Nethinims - given or offered
Neziah - conqueror; strong
Nezib - standing-place
Nibhaz - budding; prophesying
Nibshan - prophecy; growing of a tooth
Nicanor - a conqueror; victorious
Nicodemus - victory of the people
Nicolas - same as Nicodemus
Nicolaitanes - followers of Nicolas
Nicopolis - the city of victory
Niger - black
Nimrah - Nimrim - leopard; bitterness; rebellion
Nimrod - rebellion (but probably an unknown Assyrian word)
Nimshi - rescued from danger
Nineveh - handsome; agreeable
Nisan - standard; miracle
Nisroch - flight; proof; temptation; delicate
No - stirring up; forbidding
Noadiah - witness - or ornament - of the Lord
Noah - repose; consolation
Noah - that quavers or totters (Zelophehad's daughter)
Nob - discourse; prophecy
Nobah - that barks or yelps
Nod - vagabond; fugitive
Nodab - vowing of his own accord
Noe - same as Noah
Nogah - brightness; clearness
Noha - rest; a guide
Non - posterity; a fish; eternal
Noph - honeycomb; anything that distills or drops
Nophah - fearful; binding
Nun - same as Non
Nymphas - spouse; bridegroom


Obadiah - servant of the Lord
Obal - inconvenience of old age
Obed - a servant; workman
Obed-edom - servant of Edom
Obil - that weeps; who deserves to be bewailed
Oboth - dragons; fathers; desires
Ocran - a disturber; that disorders
Oded - to sustain - hold or lift up
Og - a cake; bread baked in ashes
Ohad - praising; confessing
Ohel - tent; tabernacle; brightness
Olympas - heavenly
Omar - he that speaks; bitter
Omega - the last letter of the Greek alphabet; long O
Omri - sheaf of corn
On - pain; force; iniquity
Onam - Onan - same as On
Onesimus - profitable; useful
Onesiphorus - who brings profit
Ono - grief or strength or iniquity of him
Ophel - a tower; darkness; small white cloud
Ophir - fruitful region
Ophni - wearisomeness; folding together
Ophrah - dust; lead; a fawn
Oreb - a raven
Ornan - that rejoices
Orpah - the neck or skull
Oshea - same as Joshua
Othni - my time; my hour
Othniel - the hour of God
Ozem - that fasts; their eagerness
Ozias - strength from the Lord
Ozni - an ear; my hearkening


Paarai - opening
Padan-aram - cultivated field or table-land
Padon - his redemption; ox-yoke
Pagiel - prevention - or prayer - of God
Pahath-Moab - ruler of Moab
Pai - Pau - howling; sighing
Palal - thinking
Palestina - which is covered; watered; or brings and causes ruin
Pallu - marvelous; hidden
Palti - deliverance; flight
Paltiel - deliverance; or banishment - of God
Pamphylia - a nation made up of every tribe
Paphos - which boils - or is very hot
Parah - a cow; increasing
Paran - beauty; glory; ornament
Parbar - a suburb
Parmashta - a yearling bull
Parmenas - that abides - or is permanent
Parnach - a bull striking - or struck
Parosh - a flea; the fruit of a moth
Parshandatha - given by prayer
Paruah - flourishing; that flies away
Pasach - thy broken piece
Pasdammin - portion or diminishing of blood
Paseah - passing over; halting
Pashur - that extends or multiplies the hole; whiteness
Patara - trodden under foot
Pathros - Pathrusim - mouthful of dough; persuasion of ruin
Patmos - mortal
Patrobas - paternal; that pursues the steps of his father
Pau - same as Pai
Paul - small; little
Paulus - same as Paul
Pedahzur - strong or powerful savior; stone of redemption
Pedaiah - redemption of the Lord
Pekah - he that opens; that is at liberty
Pekahiah - it is the Lord that opens
Pekod - noble; rulers
Pelaiah - the Lord's secret or miracle
Pelaliah - entreating the Lord
Pelatiah - let the Lord deliver; deliverance of the Lord
Peleg - division
Pelethites - judges; destroyers
Pelonite - falling; secret
Peniel - face or vision of God; that sees God
Peninnah - pearl; precious stone; the face
Pentapolis - five cities
Pentateuch - the five books of Moses
Pentecost - fiftieth
Penuel - same as Peniel
Peor - hole; opening
Perazim - divisions
Peresh - horseman
Perez - divided
Perez-Uzza - division of Uzza - or of strength
Perga - very earthy
Pergamos - height; elevation
Perida - separation; division
Perizzites - dwelling in villages
Persia - that cuts or divides; a nail; a gryphon; a horseman
Persis - same as Persia
Peruda - same as Perida
Peter - a rock or stone
Pethahiah - the Lord opening; gate of the Lord
Pethuel - mouth of God; persuasion of God
Peulthai - my works
Phalec - same as Peleg
Phallu - Pallu - admirable; hidden
Phalti Palti - deliverance - flight
Phanuel - face or vision of God
Pharaoh - that disperses; that spoils
Pharez - division; rupture
Pharisees - set apart
Pharpar - that produces fruit
Phebe - shining; pure
Phenice - Phoenicia - red; purple
Phichol - the mouth of all - or every tongue
Philadelphia - love of a brother
Philemon - who kisses
Philetus - amiable; beloved
Philip - warlike; a lover of horses
Philippi - same as Philip - in the plural
Philistines - those who dwell in villages
Philologus - a lover of letters - or of the word
Phinehas - bold aspect; face of trust or protection
Phlegon - zealous; burning
Phrygia - dry; barren
Phurah - that bears fruit - or grows
Phygellus - fugitive
Phylacteries - things to be especially observed
Pi-beseth - abode of the goddess Bahest or Bast
Pi-hahiroth - the mouth; the pass of Hiroth
Pilate - armed with a dart
Pinon - pearl; gem; that beholds
Piram - a wild ass of them
Pirathon - his dissipation or deprivation; his rupture
Pisgah - hill; eminence; fortress
Pisidia - pitch; pitchy
Pison - changing; extension of the mouth
Pithom - their mouthful; a dilatation of the mouth
Pithon - mouthful; persuasion
Pochereth - cutting of the mouth of warfare
Pontius - marine; belonging to the sea
Pontus - the sea
Poratha - fruitful
Potiphar - bull of Africa; a fat bull
Potipherah - that scatters abroad - or demolishes - the fat
Prisca - ancient
Priscilla - same as Prisca
Prochorus - he that presides over the choirs
Puah - mouth; corner; bush of hair
Publius - common
Pudens - shamefaced
Pul - bean; destruction
Punites - beholding; my face
Punon - precious stone; that beholds
Pur - Purim - lot
Putiel - God is my fatness
Puteoli - sulphureous wells


Quartus - fourth


Raamah - greatness; thunder; some sort of evil
Raamiah - thunder - or evil - from the Lord
Rabbah - great; powerful; contentious
Rabbi - Rabboni - my master
Rabmag - who overthrows or destroys a multitude
Rab-saris - chief of the eunuchs
Rab-shakeh - cup-bearer of the prince
Raca - worthless; good-for-nothing
Rachab - same as Rahab
Rachal - to whisper; an embalmer
Rachel - sheep
Raddai - ruling; coming down
Ragau - friend; shepherd
Raguel - shepherd - or friend of God
Rahab - proud; quarrelsome (applied to Egypt)
Rahab - large; extended (name of a woman)
Raham - compassion; a friend
Rakkath - empty; temple of the head
Rakkon - vain; void; mountain of enjoyment
Ram - elevated; sublime
Ramah - same as Ram
Ramath - Ramatha - raised; lofty
Ramathaim-zophim - the two watch-towers
Ramath-lehi - elevation of the jaw-bone
Ramath-mizpeh - elevation of the watch-tower
Ramiah - exaltation of the Lord
Ramoth - eminences; high places
Raphah - Raphu - relaxation; physic; comfort
Reaiah - vision of the Lord
Reba - the fourth; a square; that lies or stoops down
Rebekah - fat; fattened; a quarrel appeased
Rechab - square; chariot with team of four horses
Reelaiah - shepherd or companion to the Lord
Regem - that stones or is stoned; purple
Regemmelech - he that stones the king; purple of the king
Rehabiah - breadth - or extent - of the Lord
Rehob - breadth; space; extent
Rehoboam - who sets the people at liberty
Rehoboth - spaces; places
Rehum - merciful; compassionate
Rei - my shepherd; my companion; my friend
Rekem - vain pictures; divers picture
Remaliah - the exaltation of the Lord
Remmon - greatness; elevation; a pomegranate-tree
Remphan - prepared; arrayed
Rephael - the physic or medicine of God
Rephaiah - medicine or refreshment of the Lord
Rehpaim - giants; physicians; relaxed
Rephidim - beds; places of rest
Resen - a bridle or bit
Reu - his friend; his shepherd
Reuben - who sees the son; the vision of the son
Reuel - the shepherd or friend of God
Reumah - lofty; sublime
Rezeph - pavement; burning coal
Rezin - good-will; messenger
Rezon - lean; small; secret; prince
Rhegium - rupture; fracture
Rhesa - will; course
Rhoda - a rose
Rhodes - same as Rhoda
Ribai - strife
Riblah - quarrel; greatness to him
Rimmon - exalted; pomegranate
Rinnah - song; rejoicing
Riphath - remedy; medicine; release; pardon
Rissah - watering; distillation; dew
Rithmah - juniper; noise
Rizpah - bed; extension; a coal
Rogelim - a foot or footman
Rohgah - filled or drunk with talk
Romamti-ezer - exaltation of help
Roman - strong; powerful
Rome - strength; power
Rosh - the head; top - or beginning
Rufus - red
Ruhamah - having obtained mercy
Rumah - exalted; sublime; rejected
Ruth - drunk; satisfied


Sabaoth - Lord of hosts
Sabeans - captivity; conversion; old age
Sabtah - a going about or circuiting; old age
Sabtechah - that surrounds; that causes wounding
Sacar - wares; a price
Sadducees - followers of Sadoc - or Zadok
Sadoc - or Zadok - just; righteous
Salah - mission; sending
Salamis - shaken; test; beaten
Salathiel - asked or lent of God
Salcah - thy basket; thy lifting up
Salem - complete or perfect peace
Salim - foxes; fists; path
Sallai - Sallu - an exaltation; a basket
Salma - peace; perfection
Salmon - peaceable; perfect; he that rewards
Salome - same as Salmon
Samaria - watch-mountain
Samlah - his raiment; his left hand; his astonishment
Samos - full of gravel
Samothracia - an island possessed by the Samians and Thracians
Samson - his sun; his service; there the second time
Samuel - heard of God; asked of God
Sanballat - bramble-bush; enemy in secret
Sanhedrin - sitting together
Sansannah - bough or bramble of the enemy
Saph - rushes; sea-moss
Saphir - delightful
Sapphira - that relates or tells
Sarah - lady; princess; princess of the multitude
Sarai - my lady; my princess
Sardis - prince of joy
Sardites - removing a dissension
Sarepta - a goldsmith's shop
Sargon - who takes away protection
Sarid - remaining; hand of a prince
Saron - same as Sharon
Sarsechim - master of the wardrobe
Saruch - branch; layer; lining
Satan - contrary; adversary; enemy; accuser
Saul - demanded; lent; ditch; death
Sceva - disposed; prepared
Seba - a drunkard; that turns
Sebat - twig; scepter; tribe
Secacah - shadow; covering; defense
Sechu - defense; bough
Secundus - second
Segub - fortified; raised
Seir - Seirath - hairy; goat; demon; tempest
Sela - a rock
Sela-hammah-lekoth - rock of divisions
Selah - the end; a pause
Seled - affliction; warning
Seleucia - shaken or beaten by the waves
Sem - same as Shem
Semachiah - joined to the Lord
Semaiah - obeying the Lord
Semei - hearing; obeying
Senaah - bramble; enemy
Seneh - same as Senaah
Senir - bed-candle; changing
Sennacherib - bramble of destruction
Seorim - gates; hairs; tempests
Sephar - book; scribe; number
Sepharad - a book descending
Sepharvaim - the two books; the two scribes
Serah - lady of scent; song; the morning star
Seraiah - prince of the Lord
Seraphim - burning; fiery
Sered - dyer's vat
Sergius - net
Serug - branch; layer; twining
Seth - put; who puts; fixed
Sethur - hid; destroying
Shaalabbim - understanding - or son of a fox
Shaalbim - that beholds the heart
Shaalbonite - a fox's building
Schaaph - fleeing; thinking
Shaaraim - gates; valuation; hairs
Shaashgaz - he that presses the fleece; that shears the sheep
Shabbethai - my rest
Shachia - protection of the Lord
Shadrach - tender - nipple
Shage - touching softly; multiplying much
Shalem - same as Salem
Shalim - same as Salim
Shalisha - three; the third; prince; captain
Shallum - perfect; agreeable
Shalmai - my garment
Shalman - peaceable; perfect; that rewards
Shalmaneser - peace; tied; chained; perfection; retribution
Shamariah - throne or keeping of the Lord
Shamed - destroying; wearing out
Shamer - keeper; thorn; dregs
Shamgar - named a stranger; he is here a stranger
Shamhuth - desolation; destruction
Shamir - Shamer - prison; bush; lees; thorn
Shammah - loss; desolation; astonishment
Shammai - my name; my desolations
Shammoth - names; desolations
Shammuah - he that is heard; he that is obeyed
Shamsherai - there a singer or conqueror
Shapham - Shaphan - rabbit; wild rat; their lip; their brink
Shaphat - judge
Sharai - my lord; my prince; my song
Sharar - navel; thought; singing
Sharezer - overseer of the treasury - or of the storehouse
Sharon - his plain; his song
Shashai - rejoicing; mercy; linen
Shashak - a bag of linen; the sixth bag
Shaul - Saul - asked; lent; a grave
Shaveh - the plain; that makes equality
Shealtiel - same as Salathiel
Sheariah - gate of the Lord; tempest of the Lord
Shear-jashub - the remnant shall return
Sheba - captivity; old man; repose; oath
Shebam - compassing about; old men
Shebaniah - the Lord that converts - or recalls from captivity
Shebarim - breakings; hopes
Sheber - breaking; hope
Shebna - who rests himself; who is now captive
Shebuel - turning - or captivity - or seat - of God
Shecaniah - habitation of the Lord
Shechem - part; portion; back early in the morning
Shedeur - field of light; light of the Almighty
Shehariah - mourning or blackness of the Lord
Shelah - that breaks; that unties; that undresses
Shelemiah - God is my perfection; my happiness; my peace
Sheleph - who draws out
Shelesh - captain; prince
Shelomi - Shelomith - my peace; my happiness; my recompense
Shelumiel - same as Shelemiah
Shem - name; renown
Shema - hearing; obeying
Shemaiah - that hears or obeys the Lord
Shemariah - God is my guard
Shemeber - name of force; name of the strong
Shemer - guardian; thorn
Shemida - name of knowledge; that puts knowledge
Sheminith - eighth (an eight-stringed instrument)
Shemiramoth - the height of the heavens
Shemuel - appointed by God
Shen - tooth; ivory; change
Shenazar - treasurer of a tooth
Shenir - lantern; light that sleeps
Shephatiah - the Lord that judges
Shephi - beholder; honeycomb; garment
Shepho - desert
Shephuphan - serpent
Sherah - flesh; relationship
Sherebiah - singing with the Lord
Sheshach - bag of flax or linen
Sheshai - six; mercy; flax
Sheshan - lily; rose; joy; flax
Sheshbazzar - joy in tribulation; joy of the vintage
Shethar - putrefied; searching
Shethar-boznai - that makes to rot; that seeks those who despise me
Sheva - vanity; elevation; fame; tumult
Shibboleth - Sibboleth - ear of corn; stream or flood
Shibmah - overmuch captivity - or sitting
Shicron - drunkenness; his gift; his wages
Shiggaion - a song of trouble or comfort
Shihon - sound; wall of strength
Shihor-libnah - blackness of Libnah
Shilhi - Shilhim - bough; weapon; armor
Shillem - peace; perfection; retribution
Shiloah - same as Siloah
Shiloh - sent
Shiloh (name of a city) - peace; abundance
Shilom - tarrying; peace-maker
Shilshah - three; chief; captain
Shimeah - Shimeath - that hears - or obeys; perdition
Shimei - Shimi - that hears or obeys; my reputation; my fame
Shimeon - same as Simeon
Shimma - same as Shimeah
Shimon - providing well; fatness; oil
Shimrath - hearing; obedient
Shimshai - my son
Shimri - thorn; dregs
Shimrith - Shimron - same as Shimri
Shinab - father of changing
Shinar - watch of him that sleeps
Shiphi - multitude
Shiphrah - handsome; trumpet; that does good
Shisha - of marble; pleasant
Shishak - present of the bag; of the pot; of the thigh
Shitrai - gatherer of money
Shittim - thorns
Shiza - this gift
Shoa - kings; tyrants
Shobab - returned; turned back; a spark
Shobach - your bonds; your chains
Shobai - turning captivity
Shobal - path; ear of corn
Shobek - made void; forsaken
Shochoh - defense; a bough
Shoham - keeping back
Shomer - keeper; dregs
Shophach - pouring out
Shophan - rabbit; hid
Shoshannim - those that shall be changed
Shua - crying; saving
Shuah - ditch; swimming; humiliation
Shual - fox; path; first
Shubael - returning captivity; seat of God
Shuham - talking; thinking; humiliation; budding
Shulamite - peaceable; perfect; that recompenses
Shunem - their change; their sleep
Shuni - changed; sleeping
Shuphim - Shuppim - wearing them out; their shore
Shur - wall; ox; that beholds
Shushan - lily; rose; joy
Shuthelah - plant; verdure; moist; pot
Sia - moving; help
Sibbechai - bough; cottage; of springs
Sibmah - conversion; captivity
Sichem - portion; shoulder
Siddim - the tilled field
Sidon - hunting; fishing; venison
Sigionoth - according to variable songs or tunes -
Sihon - rooting out; conclusion
Sihor - black; trouble (the river Nile)
Silas - three - or the third
Silla - exalting
Siloa - Siloam - Siloe - same as Shilhi
Silvanus - who loves the forest
Simeon - that hears or obeys; that is heard
Simon - that hears; that obeys
Sin - bush
Sinai - a bush; enmity
Sinim - south country -
Sion - noise; tumult
Sippai - threshold; silver cup
Sinon - a breast-plate; deliverance
Sisamai - house; blindness
Sisera - that sees a horse or a swallow
Sitnah - hatred
Sivan - a bush or thorn
Smyrna - myrrh
So - a measure for grain; vail
Socoh - tents; tabernacles
Sodi - my secret
Sodom - their secret; their cement
Solomon - peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses
Sopater - Sosipater - who defends the father
Sophereth - scribe - numbering
Sorek - vine; hissing; a color inclining to yellow
Sosthenes - savior; strong; powerful
Sotai - conclusion in pleading; binding
Spain - rare; precious
Stachys - spike or ear of corn
Stephanas - crown; crowned
Stephen - same as Stephanas
Suah - speaking; entreating; ditch
Succoth - tents; tabernacles
Succoth-benoth - the tents of daughters - or young women; or prostitutes
Sud - my secret
Sur - that withdraws or departs; rebellion
Susanna - lily; rose; joy
Susi - horse; swallow; moth
Sychar - end
Syene - a bush; enmity
Syntyche - that speaks or discourses
Syracuse - that draws violently


Taanach - who humbles thee; who answers thee
Taanach-shilo - breaking down a fig-tree
Tabbath - good; goodness
Tabeal - Tabeel - good God
Taberah - burning
Tabitha - clear-sighted; a roe-deer
Tabor - choice; purity; bruising
Tabrimon - good pomegranate; the navel; the middle
Tadmor - the palm-tree; bitterness
Tahan - beseeching; merciful
Tahapenes - secret temptation
Tahath - fear; going down
Tahpenes - standard; flight; temptation
Tahrea - anger; wicked contention
Talitha-cumi - young woman - arise
Talmai - my furrow; that suspends the waters; heap of waters
Tamah - blotting or wiping out; smiting
Tamar - palm; palm-tree
Tammuz - abstruse; concealed; consumed
Tanach - same as Taanach
Tanhumeth - consolation; repentance
Taphath - distillation; drop
Tappuah - apple; swelling
Tarah - a hair; a wretch; one banished
Taralah - searching out slander - or strength
Tarea - howling; doing evil
Tarpelites - ravishers; succession of miracles
Tarshish - contemplation; examination
Tarsus - winged; feathered
Tartak - chained; bound; shut up
Tartan - a general (official title)
Tatnai - that gives; the overseer of the gifts and tributes
Tebah - murder; butchery; guarding of the body; a cook
Tebaliah - baptism - or goodness - of the Lord
Tebeth - good - goodness (the tenth month of the Hebrews)
Tehinnah - entreaty; a favor
Tekel - weight
Tekoa - trumpet; that is confirmed
Telabib - a heap of new grain
Telah - moistening; greenness
Telassar - taking away; heaping up
Telem - their dew; their shadow
Telharsa - suspension of the plow
Tel-melah - heap of salt
Tema - admiration; perfection; consummation
Teman - Temani - the south; Africa; perfect
Terah - to breathe; scent; blow
Teraphim - images; idols
Tertius - third
Tertullus - third
Tetrarch - governor of a fourth part
Thaddeus - that praises or confesses
Thahash - that makes haste; that keeps silence
Thamah - that blots out; that suppresses
Tharah - same as Terah
Thebez - muddy; eggs; fine linen or silk
Thelasar - same as Telassar
Theophilus - friend of God
Thessalonica - victory against the Thessalians
Theudas - flowing with water
Thomas - a twin
Thummim - perfection; truth
Thyatira - a perfume; sacrifice of labor
Tibbath - killing; a cook
Tiberias - good vision; the navel
Tiberius - the son of Tiber
Tibni - straw; hay
Tidal - that breaks the yoke; knowledge of elevation
Tiglath-pileser - that binds or takes away captivity
Tikvah - hope; a little line; congregation
Tilon - murmuring
Timeus - perfect; admirable; honorable
Timnah - forbidding
Timnath - image; figure; enumeration
Timnath-heres - or Timnath-serah - image of the sun; numbering of the rest
Timon - honorable; worthy
Timotheus - honor of God; valued of God
Tiphsah - passage; leap; step; the passover
Tirhakah - inquirer; examiner; dull observer
Tiria - searching out
Tirshatha - a governor
Tirzah - benevolent; complaisant; pleasing
Tishbite - that makes captive
Titus - pleasing
Toah - weapon; dart
Tob - good; goodness
Tob-adonijah - my good God; the goodness of the foundation of the Lord
Tobiah - Tobijah - the Lord is good
Tochen - middle
Togarmah - which is all bone
Tohu - that lives; that declares
Toi - who wanders
Tola - worm; grub; scarlet
Tolad; a generation
Tophel; ruin; folly; without understanding
Tophet - a drum; betraying
Trachonitis - stony
Troas - penetrated
Trophimus - well educated; well brought up
Tryphena - delicious; delicate
Tryphon - masculine of Tryphena
Tryphosa - thrice shining
Tubal - the earth; the world; confusion
Tubal-cain - worldly possession; possessed of confusion
Tychicus - casual; by chance
Tyrannus - a prince; one that reigns
Tyre - Tyrus - strength; rock; sharp


Ucal - power - prevalency
Uel - desiring God
Ulai - strength; fool; senseless
Ulam - the porch; the court; their strength; their folly
Ulla - elevation; leaf; young child
Ummah - darkened; covered; his people
Unni - poor; afflicted; that answers
Uphaz - pure gold; gold of Phasis or Pison
Upharsin - divided
Ur - fire - light - a valley
Urbane - courteous
Uri - my light - my fire
Uriah - or Urijah - the Lord is my light or fire
Uriel - same as Uriah
Urim - lights; fires
Uthai - my iniquity
Uz - counsel; words
Uzai - he
Uzal - wandering
Uzzah - strength; goat
Uzzen-sherah - ear of the flesh
Uzzi - my strength; my kid
Uzziah - Uzziel - the strength - or kid - of the Lord


Vajezatha - sprinkling the chamber
Vaniah - nourishment - or weapons - of the Lord
Vashni - the second; changed; a tooth
Vashti - that drinks; thread
Vophsi - fragrant; diminution


There are no entries for W.


There are no entries for X.


There are no entries for Y.


Zaanannim - movings; a person asleep
Zaavan - trembling
Zabad - dowry; endowed
Zabbai - flowing
Zabdi - same as Zabad
Zaccai - pure meat; just
Zaccheus - pure; clean; just
Zaccur - of the male kind; mindful
Zachariah - memory of the Lord
Zadok - just; justified
Zaham - crime; filthiness; impurity
Zair - little; afflicted; in tribulation
Zalaph - shadow; ringing; shaking
Zalmon - his shade; his image
Zalmonah - the shade; the sound of the number; his image
Zalmunna - shadow; image; idol forbidden
Zamzummims - projects of crimes; enormous crimes
Zanoah - forgetfulness; desertion
Zaphnath-paaneah - one who discovers hidden things
Zarah - east; brightness
Zareah - leprosy; hornet
Zared - strange descent
Zarephath - ambush of the mouth
Zaretan - tribulation; perplexity
Zatthu - olive tree
Zaza - belonging to all
Zebadiah - portion of the Lord; the Lord is my portion
Zebah - victim; sacrifice
Zebedee - abundant; portion
Zebina - flowing now; selling; buying
Zeboiim - deer; goats
Zebudah - endowed; endowing
Zebul - a habitation
Zebulun - Zebulon - dwelling; habitation
Zechariah - same as Zachariah
Zedad - his side; his hunting
Zedekiah - the Lord is my justice; the justice of the Lord
Zeeb - wolf
Zelah - rib; side; halting
Zelek - the shadow or noise of him that licks or laps
Zelophehad - the shade or tingling of fear
Zelotes - zealous
Zelzah - noontide
Zemaraim - wool; pith
Zemira - song; vine; palm
Zenan - coldness; target; weapon
Zenas - living
Zephaniah - the Lord is my secret
Zephath - which beholds; that attends or that covers
Zepho - Zephon - that sees and observes; that expects or covers
Zer - perplexity
Zerah - same as Zarah
Zerahiah - the Lord rising; brightness of the Lord
Zeredah - ambush; change of dominion
Zeresh - misery; strange; dispersed inheritance
Zereth - same as Zer
Zeror - root; that straitens or binds; that keeps tight
Zeruah - leprous; wasp; hornet
Zerubbabel - a stranger at Babylon; dispersion of confusion
Zeruiah - pain or tribulation of the Lord
Zethar - he that examines or beholds
Zia - sweat; swelling
Ziba - army; fight; strength
Zibeon - iniquity that dwells
Zibiah - the Lord dwells; deer; goat
Zichri - that remembers; that is a man
Ziddim - huntings; treasons; destructions
Zidkijah - justice of the Lord
Zidon - hunting; fishing; venison
Zif - this or that; brightness; comeliness
Ziha - brightness; whiteness; drought
Ziklag - measure pressed down
Zillah - shadow; the tingling of the ear
Zilpah - distillation from the mouth
Zilthai - my shadow; my talk
Zimmah - thought; wickedness
Zimran - song; singer; vine
Zimzi - my field; my vine
Zin - buckler; coldness
Zina - shining; going back
Zion - monument; raised up; sepulcher
Zior - ship of him that watches
Ziph - this mouth or mouthful; falsehood
Ziphron - falsehood of a song; rejoicing
Zippor - bird; sparrow; crown; desert
Zipporah - beauty; trumpet; mourning
Zithri - to hide; demolished
Ziz - flower; branch; a lock of hair
Ziza - same as Zina
Zoan - motion
Zoar - little; small
Zobah - Zobebah - an army; warring
Zohar - white; bright; dryness
Zoheleth - that creeps - slides - or draws
Zoheth - separation; amazing
Zophah - viol; honeycomb
Zophar - rising early; crown
Zophim - place for a watchman
Zorah - leprosy; scab; hornet
Zorobabel - same as Zerubbabel
Zuar - same as Zoar
Zuph - that beholds - observes - watches; roof; covering
Zur - stone; rock; that besieges
Zuriel - rock or strength of God
Zurishaddai - the Almighty is my rock and strength
Zuzims - the posts of a door; splendor; beauty