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Aaron - a teacher; lofty; mountain of strength
Abaddon - the destroyer
Abagtha - father of the wine-press
Abana - made of stone; a building
Abarim - passages; passengers
Abba - father
Abda - a servant; servitude
Abdeel - a vapor; a cloud of God
Abdi - my servant
Abdiel - servant of God
Abdon - servant; cloud of judgment
Abednego - servant of light; shining
Abel - vanity; breath; vapor
Abel - a city; mourning
Abel-beth-maachah - mourning to the house of Maachah
Abel-maim - mourning of waters
Abel-meholah - mourning of sickness
Abel-mizraim - the mourning of Egyptians
Abel-shittim - mourning of thorns
Abez - an egg; muddy
Abi - my father
Abiah - the Lord is my father
Abi-albon - most intelligent father
Abiasaph - consuming father; gathering
Abiathar - excellent father; father of the remnant
Abib - green fruit; ears of corn
Abidah - father of knowledge
Abidan - father of judgment
Abiel - God my father
Abiezer - father of help
Abigail - the father's joy
Abihail - the father of strength
Abihu - he is my father
Abihud - father of praise; confession
Abijah - the Lord is my father
Abijam - father of the sea
Abilene - the father of mourning
Abimael - a father sent from God
Abimelech - father of the king
Abinadab - father of a vow - or of willingness
Abinoam - father of beauty
Abiram - high father; father of deceit
Abishag - ignorance of the father
Abishai - the present of my father
Abishalom - father of peace
Abishua - father of salvation
Abishur - father of the wall; father of uprightness
Abital - the father of the dew; or of the shadow
Abitub - father of goodness
Abiud - father of praise
Abner - father of light
Abram - high father
Abraham - father of a great multitude
Absalom - father of peace
Accad - a vessel; pitcher; spark
Accho - close; pressed together
Aceldama - field of blood
Achab - brother of the father
Achaia - grief; trouble
Achaicus - a native of Achaia; sorrowing; sad
Achan - or Achar - he that troubleth
Achaz - one that takes - or possesses
Achbor - a rat; bruising
Achim - preparing; revenging; confirming
Achish - thus it is; how is this
Achmetha - brother of death
Achor - trouble
Achsah - adorned; bursting the veil
Achshaph - poison; tricks
Achzib - liar; lying; one that runs
Adadah - testimony of the assembly
Adah - an assembly
Adaiah - the witness of the Lord
Adaliah - one that draws water; poverty; cloud; death
Adam - earthy; red
Adamah - red earth; of blood
Adami - my man; red; earthy; human
Adar - high; eminent
Adbeel - vapor - or cloud of God
Addi - my witness; adorned; prey
Addin - adorned; delicious; voluptuous
Addon - basis; foundation; the Lord
Adiel - the witness of the Lord
Adin - Adina - adorned; voluptuous; dainty
Adithaim - assemblies; testimonies
Adlai - my witness; my ornament
Admah - earthy; red; bloody
Admatha - a cloud of death; a mortal vapor
Adna - pleasure; delight
Adnah - eternal rest
Adoni-bezek - the lightning of the Lord; the Lord of lightning
Adonijah - the Lord is my master
Adonikam - the Lord is raised
Adoniram - my Lord is most high; Lord of might and elevation
Adoni-zedek - justice of the Lord; lord of justice
Adoraim - strength of the sea
Adoram - their beauty; their power
Adrammelech - the cloak - glory - grandeur or power of the king
Adramyttium - the court of death
Adriel - the flock of God
Adullam - their testimony; their prey; their ornament
Adummim - earthy; red; bloody things
Aeneas - praised; praiseworthy
Aenon - a cloud; fountain; his eye
Agabus - a locust; the father's joy or feast
Agag - roof; upper floor
Agar - or Hagar - a stranger; one that fears
Agee - a valley; deepness
Agrippa - one who causes great pain at his birth
Agur - stranger; gathered together
Ahab - uncle - or father's brother
Aharah - a smiling brother; a meadow of a sweet savor
Aharhel - another host; the last sorrow; a brother's sheep
Ahasbai - trusting in me; a grown-up brother
Ahasuerus - prince; head; chief
Ahava - essence; being; generation
Ahaz - one that takes or possesses
Ahaziah - seizure; vision of the Lord
Ahi - my brother; my brethren
Ahiah - brother of the Lord
Ahiam - mother's brother; brother of a nation
Ahian - brother of wine
Ahiezer - brother of assistance
Ahihud - brother of vanity - or of darkness - or of joy - or of praise; witty brother
Ahijah - same with Ahiah
Ahikam - a brother who raises up or avenges
Ahilud - a brother born - or begotten
Ahimaaz - a brother of the council
Ahiman - brother of the right hand
Ahimelech - my brother is a king; my king's brother
Ahimoth - brother of death
Ahinadab - a willing brother; brother of a vow
Ahinoam - beauty of the brother; brother of motion
Ahio - his brother; his brethren
Ahira - brother of iniquity; brother of the shepherd
Ahiram - brother of craft - or of protection
Ahisamach - brother of strength
Ahishahur - brother of the morning or dew; brother of blackness
Ahishar - brother of a prince; brother of a song
Ahithophel - brother of ruin or folly
Ahitub - brother of goodness
Ahlab - made of milk - or of fat; brother of the heart
Ahlai - beseeching; sorrowing; expecting
Ahoah - a live brother; my thorn or thistle
Aholah - his tabernacle; his tent
Aholiab - the tent of the father
Aholibah - my tent - or my tabernacle - in her
Aholibamah - my tabernacle is exalted
Ahumai - a meadow of waters; a brother of waters
Ahuzam - their taking or possessing vision
Ahuzzah - possession; seizing; collecting
Ai - or Hai - mass; heap
Aiah - vulture - raven; an isle; alas - where is it?
Aiath - same as Ai; an hour; eye; fountain
Aijeleth-Shahar - the land of the morning
Ain - same as Aiath
Ajalon - a chain; strength; a stag
Akkub - foot-print; supplanting; crookedness; lewdness
Akrabbim - scorpions
Alammelech - God is king
Alemeth - hiding; youth; worlds; upon the dead
Alexander - one who assists men
Alian - high
Alleluia - praise the Lord
Allon - an oak; strong
Allon-bachuth - the oak of weeping
Almodad - measure of God
Almon - hidden
Almon-diblathaim - hidden in a cluster of fig trees
Alpheus - a thousand; learned; chief
Alush - mingling together
Alvah - his rising up; his highness
Amad - people of witness; a prey
Amal - labor; iniquity
Amalek - a people that licks up
Aman - mother; fear of them
Amana - integrity; truth; a nurse
Amariah - the Lord says; the integrity of the Lord
Amasa - sparing the people
Amasai - strong
Amashai - the people's gift
Amashi-ali - same as Amaziah
Ami - mother; fear; people
Amaziah - the strength of the Lord
Aminadab - same as Amminadab
Amittai - true; fearing
Ammah - my - or his - people
Ammi - same as Ammah
Ammiel - the people of God
Ammihud - people of praise
Ammi-nadab - my people is liberal
Ammishaddai - the people of the Almighty; the Almighty is with me
Ammizabad - dowry of the people
Ammon - a people; the son of my people
Amnon - faithful and true; tutor
Amok - a valley; a depth
Amon - faithful; true
Amorite - bitter; a rebel; a babbler
Amos - loading; weighty
Amoz - strong; robust
Amplias - large; extensive
Amram - an exalted people; their sheaves; handfuls of corn
Amraphel - one that speaks of secrets
Amzi - strong - mighty
Anab - a grape; a knot
Anah - one who answers; afflicted
Anaharath - dryness - burning - wrath
Anak - a collar; ornament
Anamim - a fountain; answer; affliction
Anammelech - answer; poverty of the king
Anani - a cloud; prophecy; divination
Ananias - or Ananiah - the cloud of the Lord
Anathema - separated; set apart
Anathoth - or Anath - answer; song; poverty
Andrew - a strong man
Andronicus - a man excelling others
Anem - or Anen - an answer; their affliction
Aner - answer; song; affliction
Aniam - a people; the strength or sorrow of people
Anim - answerings; singings; afflicted
Anna - gracious; one who gives
Annas - one who answers; humble
Antichrist - an adversary to Christ
Antioch - speedy as a chariot
Antipas - for all - or against all
Antipatris - for - or against the father
Antothijah - answers or songs of the Lord; afflictions
Anub - same as Anab
Apelles - exclusion; separation
Apharsathchites - Apharsites (from a root meaning) dividing or rending
Aphek - Aphekah - Aphik - strength; a rapid torrent
Aphiah - speaking - blowing
Apocalypse - uncovering - revelation
Apocrypha - hidden
Apollonia - perdition - destruction
Apollonius - destroying
Apollos - one who destroys; destroyer
Apollyon - a destroyer
Appaim - face; nostrils
Apphia - productive; fruitful
Aquila - an eagle
Ar - awakening; uncovering
Ara - cursing; seeing
Arab - multiplying; sowing sedition; a window; a locust
Arabia - evening; desert; ravens
Arad - a wild ass; a dragon
Arah - the way; a traveler
Aram - highness - magnificence - one that deceives; curse
Aran - an ark; their curse
Ararat - the curse of trembling
Araunah - ark; song; joyful cry
Arba - four
Archelaus - the prince of the people
Archippus - a master of horses
Arcturus - a gathering together
Ard - one that commands; he that descends
Ardon - ruling; a judgment of malediction
Areli - the light or vision of God
Areopagus - the hill of Mars
Aretas - agreeable - virtuous
Argob - a turf - or fat land
Ariel - altar; light or lion of God
Arimathea - a lion dead to the Lord
Arioch - long; great; tall
Aristarchus - the best prince
Aristobulus - a good counselor
Armageddon - hill of fruits; mountain of Megiddo
Arnon - rejoicing; sunlight
Aroer - heath; tamarisk
Arpad - the light of redemption
Arphaxad - a healer; a releaser
Artaxerxes - the silence of light; fervent to spoil
Artemas - whole - sound
Arumah - high; exalted
Asa - physician; cure
Asahel - creature of God
Asaiah - the Lord hath wrought
Asaph - who gathers together
Asareel - the beatitude of God
Asenath - peril; misfortune
Ashan - smoke
Ashbel - an old fire
Ashdod - effusion; inclination; theft
Asher - happiness
Ashima - crime; offense
Ashkenaz - a fire that spreads
Ashnah - change
Ashriel - same as Asareel
Ashtaroth - Ashtoreth - flocks; sheep; riches
Ashur - who is happy; or walks; or looks
Asia - muddy; boggy
Asiel - the work of God
Askelon - weight; balance; fire of infamy
Asnapper - unhappiness; increase of danger
Asriel - help of God
Assir - prisoner; fettered
Asshurim - liers in want; beholders
Assos - approaching; coming near
Assur - same as Ashur
Assyria - country of Assur or Ashur
Asuppim - gatherings
Asyncritus - incomparable
Atad - a thorn
Atarah - a crown
Ataroth - crowns
Ataroth-addar - crowns of power
Ater - left hand; shut
Athach - thy time
Athaiah - the Lord's time
Athaliah - the time of the Lord
Athlai - my hour or time
Attai - same as Athlai
Attalia - that increases or sends
Attalus - increased - nourished
Augustus - increased - augmented
Ava - or Ivah - iniquity
Aven - iniquity; force; riches; sorrow
Avim - wicked or perverse men
Avith - wicked - perverse
Azaliah - near the Lord
Azaniah - hearing the Lord; the Lord's weapons
Azareel - help of God
Azariah - he that hears the Lord
Azaz - strong one
Azazel - the scape-goat
Azaziah - strength of the Lord
Azekah - strength of walls
Azgad - a strong army; a gang of robbers
Azmaveth - strong death; a he-goat
Azmon - bone of a bone; our strength
Aznoth-tabor - the ears of Tabor; the ears of purity or contrition
Azor - a helper; a court
Azotus - the same as Ashdod
Azriel - same as Asriel
Azrikam - help - revenging
Azubah - forsaken
Azur - he that assists or is assisted
Azzan - their strength
Azzur - same as Azur


Baal - master; lord
Baalah - her idol; she that is governed or subdued; a spouse
Baalath - a rejoicing; our proud lord
Baalath-beer - subjected pit
Baal-berith - idol of the covenant
Baale - same as Baalath
Baal-gad - idol of fortune or felicity
Baal-hamon - who rules a crowd
Baal-hermon - possessor of destruction or of a thing cursed
Baali - my idol; lord over me
Baalim - idols; masters; false gods
Baalis - a rejoicing; a proud lord
Baal-meon - idol or master of the house
Baal-peor - master of the opening
Baal-perazim - god of divisions
Baal-shalisha - the god that presides over three; the third idol
Baal-tamar - master of the palm-tree
Baal-zebub - god of the fly
Baal-zephon - the idol or possession of the north; hidden; secret
Baanah - in the answer; in affliction
Baara - a flame; purging
Baaseiah - in making; in pressing together
Baasha - he that seeks - or lays waste
Babel - confusion; mixture
Babylon - same as Babel
Baca - a mulberry-tree
Bahurim - choice; warlike; valiant
Bajith - a house
Balaam - the ancient of the people; the destruction of the people
Baladan - one without judgment
Balak - who lays waste or destroys
Bamah - an eminence or high place
Barabbas - son of shame - confusion
Barachel - that bows before God
Barachias - same as Barachel
Barak - thunder - or in vain
Barjesus - son of Jesus or Joshua
Barjona - son of a Jona; of a dove
Barnabas - son of the prophet - or of consolation
Barsabas - son of return; son of rest
Bartholomew - a son that suspends the waters
Bartimeus - son of the honorable
Baruch - who is blessed
Barzillai - son of contempt; made of iron
Bashan - in the tooth - in ivory
Bashemath - perfumed; confusion of death; in desolation
Bathsheba - the seventh daughter; the daughter of satiety
Bathsuha - same as Bathsheba
Bealiah - the god of an idol; in an assembly
Bealoth - cast under
Bebai - void - empty
Becher - first begotten; first fruits
Bechorath - first fruits
Bedad - alone; solitary
Bedaiah - Bedeiah - the only Lord
Bedan - according to judgment
Beeliada - an open idol
Beelzebub - same as Baalzebub
Beer - a well
Beera - a well; declaring
Beerelim - the well of Elim - or of rains
Beeri - my well
Beer-lahai-roi - the well of him that liveth and seeth me
Beeroth - wells; explaining
Beersheba - the well of an oath; the seventh well
Behemoth - beasts
Bekah - half a shekel
Belah - destroying
Belial - wicked - worthless
Belshazzar - master of the treasure
Belteshazzar - who lays up treasures in secret
Ben - a son
Benaiah - son of the Lord
Ben-ammi - son of my people
Beneberak - sons of lightning
Bene-jaakan - sons of sorrow
Benhadad - son of Hadad - or noise
Benhail - son of strength
Benhanan - son of grace
Benjamin - son of the right hand
Benimi - our sons
Beno - his son
Benoni - son of my sorrow - or pain
Benzoheth - son of separation
Beon - in affliction
Beor - burning; foolish; mad
Bera - a well; declaring
Berachah - blessing; bending the knee
Berachiah - speaking well of the Lord
Beraiah - the choosing of the Lord
Berea - heavy; weighty
Bered - hail
Beri - my son; my corn
Beriah - in fellowship; in envy
Berith - covenant
Bernice - one that brings victory
Berodach-baladan - the son of death
Berothai - wells; a cypress
Berothath - of a well
Besai - a despising; dirty
Besodeiah - counsel of the Lord
Besor - glad news; incarnation
Betah - confidence
Beten - belly
Bethabara - the house of confidence
Bethanath - house of affliction
Bethany - the house of song; the house of affliction
Betharabah - house of sweet smell
Beth-aram - house of height
Beth-aven - the house of vanity; of iniquity of trouble
Beth-azmaveth - house of death's strength
Beth-baalmeon - an idol of the dwelling-place
Beth-barah - the chosen house
Beth-birei - the house of my Creator - the house of my health
Beth-car - the house of the lamb
Beth-dagon - the house of corn - or of fish
Beth-diblathaim - house of dry figs
Beth-el - the house of God
Bethemek - house of deepness
Bether - division - or in the trial
Bethesda - house of pity or mercy
Beth-ezal - a neighbor's house
Beth-gader - a house for a mouse
Beth-gamul - house of recompense - or of the camel
Beth-haccerem - house of the vineyard
Beth-haran - house of grace
Beth-horon - house of wrath
Beth-lebaoth - house of lionesses
Beth-lehem - house of bread
Beth-marcaboth - house of bitterness wiped out
Beth-meon - house of the dwelling-place
Beth-nimrah - house of rebellion
Beth-palet - house of expulsion
Beth-pazzez - house of dividing asunder
Beth-peor - house of gaping - or opening
Bethphage - house of my month - or of early figs
Beth-phelet - same as Beth-palet
Beth-rapha - house of health
Bethsaida - house of fruits - or of food - or of snares
Bethshan - Beth-shean - house of the tooth - or of ivory - or of sleep
Beth-shemesh - house of the sun
Bethuel - filiation of God
Beth-zur - house of a rock
Betonim - bellies
Beulah - married
Bezai - eggs
Bezaleel - in the shadow of God
Bezek - lightning; in the chains
Bezer - vine branches
Bichri - first-born; first fruits
Bidkar - in compunction - or sharp pain
Bigthan - in the press; giving meat
Bigvai - in my body
Bildad - old friendship
Bileam - the ancient of the people; the devourer
Bilgah - ancient countenance
Bilhah - Bilhan - who is old or confused
Bilshan - in the tongue
Binea - son of the Lord
Binnui - building
Birsha - an evil; a son who beholds
Bishlam - in peace
Bithiah - daughter of the Lord
Bithron - divisions
Bithynia - violent precipitation
Bizjothjah - despite
Blastus - that buds or brings forth
Boanerges - son of thunder
Boaz - or Booz - in strength
Bocheru - the first born
Bochim - the place of weeping; or of mulberry-trees
Bohan - in them
Boskath - in poverty
Boson - taking away
Bozez - mud; bog
Bozrah - in tribulation or distress
Bukki - void
Bukkiah - the dissipation of the Lord
Bul - old age; perishing
Bunah - building; understanding
Bunni - building me
Buz - despised; plundered
Buzi - my contempt


Cabbon - as though understanding
Cabul - displeasing; dirty
Caiphas - he that seeks with diligence; one that vomiteth
Cain - possession - or possessed
Cainan - possessor; purchaser
Calah - favorable; opportunity
Calcol - nourishing
Caleb - a dog; a crow; a basket
Caleb-Ephratah - see Ephratah
Calneh - our consummation
Calno - our consummation; altogether himself
Calvary - the place of a skull
Camon - his resurrection
Cana - zeal; jealousy; possession
Canaan - merchant; trader; or that humbles and subdues
Candace - who possesses contrition
Capernaum - the field of repentance; city of comfort
Caphtor - a sphere - buckle - or hand
Cappadocia - the same as Caphtor
Carcas - the covering of a lamb
Charchemish - a lamb; as taken away; withdrawn
Careah - bald; ice
Carmel - circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn
Carmi - my vineyard; lamb of the waters
Carpus - fruit; fruitful
Carshena - a lamb; sleeping
Casiphia - money; covetousness
Casluhim - hopes of life
Cedron - black; sad
Cenchrea - millet; small pulse
Cephas - a rock or stone
Cesar - a name applied to those who are cut out of the womb
Chalcol - who nourishes - consumes - and sustains the whole
Chaldea - as demons - or as robbers
Charran - a singing or calling out
Chebar - force or strength
Chedorlaomer - roundness of a sheaf
Chelal - as night
Chelub - a basket
Chelluh - all
Chelubai - he altogether against me
Chemarims - black ones
Chemosh - handling; stroking; taking away
Chenaanah - broken in pieces
Chenani - my pillar
Chenaniah - preparation - or disposition - or strength - of the Lord
Chephirah - a little lioness
Cheran - anger
Cherethims - Cherethites - who cut or tear away
Cherith - cutting; piercing; slaying
Chesed - as a devil - or a destroyer
Chesil - foolishness
Chesulloth - fearfulness
Chidon - a dart
Chiliab - totality; or the perfection of the father
Chilion - finished; complete; perfect
Chilmad - teaching or learning
Chimham - as they; like to them
Chios - open; opening
Chisleu - Cisleu - Casleu - rashness; confidence
Chislon - hope - trust
Chisloth-tabor - fears; purity
Chittem - those that bruise; gold
Chloe - green herb
Chorazin - the secret; here is a mystery
Chozeba - men liers in wait
Christ - anointed
Chun - making ready
Chushan-rishathaim - blackness of iniquities
Chuza - the seer or prophet
Cilicia - which rolls or overturns
Cis - same as Kish
Clauda - a lamentable voice
Claudia - Claudius - lame
Clement - mild; good; merciful
Cleophas - the whole glory
Cnidus - age
Colhozeh - every prophet
Colosse - punishment; correction
Coniah - strength of the Lord
Coos - top - summit
Corinth - which is satisfied; ornament; beauty
Cornelius - of a horn
Cosam - divining
Coz - a thorn
Cozbi - a liar; sliding away
Crescens - growing; increasing
Crete - carnal; fleshly
Crispus - curled
Cush - Cushan - Cushi - Ethiopians; blackness
Cuth - Cuthah - burning
Cyprus - fair; fairness
Cyrene - a wall; coldness; the floor
Cyrenius - who governs
Cyrus - as miserable; as heir


Dabareh - the word; the thing; a bee; obedient
Dabbasheth - flowing with honey
Daberath - same as Dabareh
Dagon - corn; a fish
Dalaiah - the poor of the Lord
Dalmanutha - a bucket; a branch
Dalmatia - deceitful lamps; vain brightness
Dalphon - the house of caves
Damaris - a little woman
Damascus - a sack full of blood; the similitude of burning
Dan - judgment; he that judges
Daniel - judgment of God; God my judge
Dannah - judging
Darah - generation; house of the shepherd or of the companion
Darda - home of knowledge
Darius - he that informs himself
Darkon - of generation; of possession
Dathan - laws or rites
David - well-beloved - dear
Debir - an orator; a word
Deborah - word; thing; a bee
Decapolis - containing ten cities
Dedan - their breasts; friendship; a judge
Dedanim - the descendants of Dedan
Dekar - force
Delaiah - the poor of the Lord
Delilah - poor; small; head of hair
Demas - popular
Demetrius - belonging to corn - or to Ceres
Derbe - a sting
Deuel - the knowledge of God
Deuteronomy - repetition of the law
Diana - luminous - perfect
Diblaim - cluster of figs
Diblath - paste of dry figs
Dibon - abundance of knowledge
Dibon-gad - great understanding; abundance of sons
Dibri - an orator
Dibzahab - Dizahab - where much gold is
Didymus - a twin; double
Diklah - Dildah - his diminishing
Dilean - that is poor
Dimon - where it is red
Dimonah - dunghill
Dinah - judgment; who judges
Dinhabah - he gives judgment
Dionysius - divinely touched
Diotrephes - nourished by Jupiter
Dishan - a threshing
Dishon - fatness; ashes
Dodai - Dodanim - beloved
Dodavah - love
Dodo - his uncle
Doeg - careful - who acts with uneasiness
Dophkah - a knocking
Dor - generation - habitation
Dorcas - a female roe-deer
Dothan - the law; custom
Drusilla - watered by the dew
Dumali - silence; resemblance
Dura - same as Dor


Ebal - ancient heaps
Ebed - a servant; laborer
Ebed-melech - the king's servant
Eben-ezer - the stone of help
Eber - one that passes; anger
Ebiasaph - a father that gathers or adds
Ebronah - passage over; being angry
Ecclesiastes - a preacher
Ed - witness
Eden - pleasure; delight
Eder - a flock
Edom - red - earthy; of blood
Edrei - a very great mass - or cloud
Eglah - heifer; chariot; round
Eglaim - drops of the sea
Eglon - same as Eglah
Egypt - that troubles or oppresses; anguish
Ehud - he that praises
Eker - barren - feeble
Ekron - barrenness; torn away
Eladah - the eternity of God
Elah - an oak; a curse; perjury
Elam - a young man; a virgin; a secret
Elasah - the doings of God
Elath - a hind; strength; an oak
El-beth-el - the God of Bethel
Eldaah - knowledge of God
Eldad - favored of God; love of God
Elead - witness of God
Elealeh - burnt-offering of God
Eleazar - help of God - court of God
El-elohe-Israel - God - the God of Israel
Eleph - learning
Elhanan - grace - or gift - or mercy of God
Eli - the offering or lifting up
Eli - Eli - my God - my God
Eliab - God is my father; God is the father
Eliada - knowledge of God
Eliah - God the Lord
Eliahba - my God the Father
Eliakim - resurrection of God
Eliam - the people of God
Elias - same as Elijah
Eliasaph - the Lord increaseth
Eliashib - the God of conversion
Eliathah - thou art my God
Elidad - beloved of God
Eliel - God - my God
Elienai - the God of my eyes
Eliezer - help - or court - of my God
Elihoreph - god of winter - or of youth
Elihu - he is my God himself
Elijah - God the Lord - the strong Lord
Elika - pelican of God
Elim - the rams; the strong; stags
Elimelech - my God is king
Elioenai - toward him are mine eyes; or to him are my fountains
Eliphal - a miracle of God
Eliphalet - the God of deliverance
Eliphaz - the endeavor of God
Elisabeth - Elizabeth - the oath - or fullness - of God
Elasah - salvation of God
Elishah - it is God; the lamb of God: God that gives help
Elishama - God hearing
Elishaphat - my God judgeth
Elisheba - same as Elisabeth
Elishua - God is my salvation
Eliud - God is my praise
Elizur - God is my strength; my rock; rock of God
Elkanah - God the zealous; the zeal of God
Elkeshai - hardiness or rigor of God
Ellasar - revolting from God
Elkoshite - a man of Elkeshai
Elmodam - the God of measure - or of the garment
Elnaam - God's fairness
Elnathan - God hath given; the gift of God
Elohi - Elohim - God
Elon - oak; grove; strong
Elon-beth-hanan - the house of grace or mercy
Elpaal - God's work
Elpalet - same as Eliphalet
Eltekeh - of grace or mercy
Elteketh - the case of God
Eltolad - the generation of God
Elul - cry or outcry
Eluzai - God is my strength
Elymas - a magician - a corrupter
Elzabad - the dowry of God
Elzaphan - God of the northeast wind
Emims - fears; terrors; formidable; people
Emmanuel - God with us
Emmaus - people despised or obscure
Emmor - an ass
Enam - fountain - open place
Enan - cloud
En-dor - fountain - eye of generation - or of habitation
Eneas - laudable
En-eglaim - eye - or fountain - of calves
En-gannim - eye - or fountain - of protection or of gardens
En-gedi - eye - or fountain - of the goat - or of happiness
En-haddah - quick sight; well of gladness
En-hakkore - fountain of him that called or prayed
En-hazor - the grass of the well
En-mishpat - fountain of judgment
Enoch - dedicated; disciplined
Enon - cloud; mass of darkness; fountain; eye
Enos - mortal man; sick; despaired of; forgetful
En-rimmon - well of weight
En-rogel - the fuller's fountain; the well of searching
En-shemesh - fountain - or eye - of the sun
En-tappuah - fountain of an apple - or of inflation
Epaphras - covered with foam
Epaphroditus - agreeable; handsome
Epenetus - laudable; worthy of praise
Ephah - weary; tired
Epher - dust; lead
Ephes-dammim - effusion of blood
Ephesus - desirable
Eph-lal - judging; praying
Ephphatha - be opened
Ephraim - fruitful; increasing
Ephratah - Ephrath - abundance; bearing fruit
Ephron - dust
Epicurean - follower of Epicurus - i.e. - of one who gives assistance
Er - watchman
Eran - follower
Erastus - lovely - amiable
Erech; length; health; physic
Eri - my city
Esaias - same as Isaiah
Esar-haddon - that closes the point; joy; cheerfulness
Esau - he that acts or finishes
Esek - contention
Esh-baal - the fire of the idol - or of the ruler
Esh-ban - fire of the sun
Eshcol - bunch of grapes
Eshean - held up
Eshek - violence - force
Eshkalon - same as Askelon
Eshtaol - a strong woman
Esmachiah - joined to the Lord
Esrom - dart of joy; division of a song
Esther - secret; hidden
Etam - their bird - their covering
Etham - their strength; their sign
Ethan - strong; the gift of the island
Ethanim - strong; valiant
Ethbaal - toward the idol - or with Baal
Ether - talk
Ethiopia - blackness; heat
Ethnan - gift
Ethni - strong
Eubulus - prudent; good counselor
Eunice - good victory
Euodias - sweet scent
Euphrates - that makes fruitful
Eutychus - happy; fortunate
Eve - living; enlivening
Evi - unjust
Evil-merodach - the fool of Merodach; the fool grinds bitterly
Exodus - going out - departure
Ezbon - hastening to understand
Ezekiel - the strength of God
Ezel - going abroad; walk
Ezem - a bone
Ezer - a help
Ezion-geber - the wood of the man
Ezra - help; court
Ezri - my help


Felix - happy - prosperous
Festus - festive - joyful
Fortunatus - lucky - fortunate


Gaal - contempt; abomination
Gaash - tempest; commotion
Gabbai - the back
Gabbatha - high; elevated
Gabriel - God is my strength
Gad - a band; a troop
Gadarenes - men of Gadara - i.e. - a place surrounded or walled
Gaddi - my troop; a kid
Gaddiel - goat of God; the Lord my happiness
Gaius - lord; an earthly man
Galal - a roll - a wheel
Galatia - white; the color of milk
Galeed - the heap of witness
Galilee - wheel; revolution
Gallim - who heap up; who cover
Gallio - who sucks - or lives on milk
Gamaliel - recompense of God; camel of God
Gammadims - dwarfs
Gamul - a recompense
Gareb - a scab
Garmites - men of Garmi - ie. - bones - or - my cause
Gatam - their lowing; their touch
Gath - a wine-press
Gath-rimmon - the high wine-press
Gaza - strong; a goat
Gazabar - a treasurer
Gazer - a dividing; a sentence
Gazez - a passing over
Gazzam - the fleece of them
Geba - a hill; cup
Gebal - bound; limit
Geber - manly - strong
Gebim - grasshoppers; height
Gedaliah - God is my greatness
Geder - Gederah - Gederoth - a wall
Gederothaim - hedges
Gehazi - valley of sight
Geliloth - rolling - wheel - heap
Gemalli - wares; a camel
Gemariah - accomplishment or perfection of the Lord
Gennesaret - garden of the prince
Genesis - beginning
Genubath - theft; robbery
Gera - pilgrimage - combat; dispute
Gerar - same as Gera
Gergesenes - those who come from pilgrimage or fight
Gerizim - cutters - hatchets
Gershom - a stranger here
Gershon - his banishment; the change of pilgrimage
Geshur - Geshuri - sight of the valley; a walled valley
Gether - the vale of trial or searching
Gethsemane - a very fat or plentiful vale
Geuel - God's redemption
Gezer - dividing - sentence
Giah - to guide; draw out; produce; a groan or sigh
Gibbar - strong - manly
Gibbethon - a back; a high house
Gibeah - a hill
Gibeon - hill; cup; thing lifted up
Giddel - great
Gideon - he that bruises or breaks; a destroyer
Gideoni - same as Gideon
Gihon - valley of grace
Gilalai - a wheel
Gilboa - revolution of inquiry
Gilead - the heap or mass of testimony
Gilgal - wheel; rolling; heap
Giloh - he that rejoices; he that overturns
Gimzo - that bulrush
Ginath - Ginnetho - a garden
Girgashite - who arrives from pilgrimage
Gispa - coming hither
Gittah-hepher - digging; a wine-press
Gittaim - a wine-press
Gittites - men of Gath - ie. - of a wine-press
Goath - his touching; his roaring
Gob - cistern; grasshopper
Gog - roof; covering
Golan - passage; revolution
Golgotha - a heap of skulls; something skull-shaped
Goliath - passage; revolution; heap
Gomer - to finish; complete
Gomorrah - rebellious people
Goshen - approaching; drawing near
Gozan - fleece; pasture; who nourisheth the body
Gudgodah - happiness
Guni - a garden; a covering
Gur - the young of a beast; a whelp
Gur-baal - the governor's whelp


Haahashtari - a runner
Habaiah - the hiding of the Lord
Habakkuk - he that embraces; a wrestler
Habazinaiah - a hiding of the shield of the Lord
Habor - a partaker; a companion
Hachaliah - who waits for the Lord
Hachilah - my hope is in her
Hachmoni - a wise man
Hadad - joy; noise; clamor
Hadadezer - beauty of assistance
Hadadrimmon - invocation to the god Rimmon
Hadar - power; greatness
Hadarezer - same as Hadadezer
Hadashah - news; a month
Hadassah - a myrtle; joy
Hadid; rejoicing; sharp
Hadlai - loitering; hindering
Hadoram - their beauty; their power
Hadrach - point; joy of tenderness
Hagab - Hagabah - a grasshopper
Hagar - a stranger; one that fears
Haggai - feast; solemnity
Haggeri - Haggi - a stranger
Haggiah - the Lord's feast
Haggith - rejoicing
Hakkatan - little
Hakkoz - a thorn; summer; an end
Hakupha - a commandment of the mouth
Halah - a moist table
Halak - part
Halhul - grief; looking for grief
Hali - sickness; a beginning; a precious stone
Hallelujah - praise the Lord
Halloesh - saying nothing; an enchanter
Ham - hot; heat; brown
Haman - noise; tumult
Hamath - anger; heat; a wall
Hamath-zobah - the heat - or the wall - of an army
Hammedatha - he that troubles the law
Hammelech - a king; a counselor
Hammon - heat; the sun
Hamonah - his multitude; his uproar
Hamon-gog - the multitude of Gog
Hamor - an ass; clay; dirt
Hamoth - indignation
Hamul - godly; merciful
Hamutal - the shadow of his heat
Hanameel - the grace that comes from God; gift of God
Hanan - full of grace
Hananeel - grace - or gift - of God
Hanani - my grace; my mercy
Hananiah - grace; mercy; gift of the Lord
Hanes - banishment of grace
Haniel - the gift of God
Hannah - gracious; merciful; he that gives
Hannathon - the gift of grace
Hanniel - grace or mercy of God
Hanoch - dedicated
Hanun - gracious; merciful
Hapharaim - searching; digging
Hara - a hill; showing forth
Haradah - well of great fear
Haran - mountainous country
Harran - see Charran
Harbonah - his destruction; his sword
Hareph - winter; reproach
Harhas - anger; heat of confidence
Harhaiah - heat - or anger - of the Lord
Harhur - made warm
Harim - destroyed; dedicated to God
Harnepher - the anger of a bull; increasing heat
Harod - astonishment; fear
Harosheth - a forest; agriculture; workmanship; deafness; silence
Harsha - workmanship; a wood
Harum - high; throwing down
Harumaph - destruction
Haruphite - slender; sharp
Haruz - careful
Hasadiah - the mercy of the Lord
Hashabiah - the estimation of the Lord
Hashabnah - Hashabniah - the silence of the Lord
Hashem - named; a putting to
Hashub - esteemed; numbered
Hashubah - estimation; thought
Hashum - silence; their hasting
Hashupha - spent; made base
Hasrah - wanting
Hatach - he that strikes
Hathath - fear
Hatita - a bending of sin
Hattil - howling for sin
Hattipha - robbery
Hattush - forsaking sin
Hauran - a hole; liberty; whiteness
Havilah - that suffers pain; that brings forth
Havoth-jair - the villages that enlighten
Hazael - that sees God
Hazaiah - seeing the Lord
Hazar-addar - an imprisoned generation
Hazarenan - imprisoned cloud
Hazargaddah - imprisoned band
Hazar-hatticon - middle village; preparation
Hazarmaveth - dwelling of death
Hazar-shual - a wolf's house
Hazar-susah - or susim - the hay-paunch of a horse
Hazelelponi - sorrow of countenance
Hazeroth - villages; palaces
Hazezon-tamar - drawing near to bitterness
Hazo - seeing; prophesying
Hazor - court; hay
Heber - one that passes; anger
Hebrews - descendants of Heber
Hebron - society; friendship
Hegai - or Hege - meditation; word; groaning; separation
Helam - their army; their trouble
Helbah - Helbon - milk - fatness
Heldai - Heleb - Heled - the world; rustiness
Helek - part; portion
Helem - dreaming; healing
Heleph - changing; passing over
Helez - armed; set free
Heli - ascending; climbing up
Helkai - same as Helek
Helkath-hazzurim - the field of strong men - or of rocks
Helon - window; grief
Heman - their trouble; tumult; much; in great number
Hen - grace; quiet; rest
Hena - troubling
Henadad - grace of the beloved
Henoch - same as Enoch
Hepher - a digger
Hephzibah - my delight is in her
Heres - the son; an earthen pot
Heresh - a carpenter
Hermas - Hermes - Mercury; gain; refuge
Hermogenes - begotten of Mercury
Hermon - anathema; devoted to destruction
Herod - son of a hero
Herodion - the song of Juno
Heshbon - invention; industry
Heshmon - a hasty messenger
Heth - trembling; fear
Hethlon - a fearful dwelling
Hezekiah - strength of the Lord
Hezer - Hezir - a bog; converted
Hezrai - an entry or vestibule
Hezron - the dart of joy; the division of the song
Hiddai - a praise; a cry
Hiddekel; sharp voice; sound
Hiel - God lives; the life of God
Hierapolis - holy city
Higgaion - meditation; consideration
Hilen - a window; grief
Hilkiah - God is my portion
Hillel - he that praises
Hinnom - there they are; their riches
Hirah - liberty; anger
Hiram - exaltation of life; a destroyer
Hittite - one who is broken; who fears
Hivites - wicked; wickedness
Hizkijah - the strength of the Lord
Hobab - favored; beloved
Hobah - love; friendship; secrecy
Hod - praise; confession
Hodaiah - the praise of the Lord
Hodaviah - Hodiah - Hodijah - same as Hodaiah
Hodesh - a table; news
Hoglah - his festival or dance
Hoham - woe to them
Holon - a window; grief
Homam - making an uproar
Hophin - he that covers; my fist
Hor - who conceives - or shows; a hill
Horam - their hill
Horeb - desert; solitude; destruction
Horem - an offering dedicated to God
Hor-hagidgad - the hill of felicity
Hori - a prince; freeborn
Horims - princes; being angry
Hormah - devoted or consecrated to God; utter destruction
Horonaim - angers; ragings
Horonites - men of anger - or of fury - or of liberty
Hosah - trusting
Hosanna - save I pray thee; keep; preserve
Hosea - Hoshea - savior; safety
Hoshaiah - the salvation of the Lord
Hoshama - heard; he obeys
Hotham - a seal
Hothir - excelling; remaining
Hukkok - engraver; scribe; lawyer
Hul - pain; infirmity
Huldah - the world
Hupham - their chamber; their bank
Huppim - a chamber covered; the sea-shore
Hur - liberty; whiteness; hole
Huram - their liberty; their whiteness; their hole
Huri - being angry; or same as Huram
Hushah - hasting; holding peace
Hushai - their haste; their sensuality; their silence
Hushathite - Hushim - man of haste - or of silence
Huz - counsel; woods; fastened
Huzoth - streets; populous
Huzzab - molten
Hymeneus - nuptial; the god of marriage


Ibhar - election; he that is chosen
Ibleam - ancient people; people decreasing
Ibneiah - Ibniah - the building of the Lord; the understanding of the Lord; son by adoption
Ibri - passing over; being angry; being with young
Ibzan - father of a target; father of coldness
Ichabod - where is the glory? or - no glory
Iconium - coming
Idalah - the hand of slander - or of cursing
Idbash - flowing with honey; the land of destruction
Iddo - his band; power; praise
Idumea - red; earthy; bloody
Igal - redeemed; defiled
Igeal - a redeemer; redeemed; defiled
Igdaliah - the greatness of the Lord
Iim - heaps of Hebrews - or of angry men
Ije-abarim - heaps of Hebrews - or of passers over
Ijon - look; eye; fountain
Ikkesh - forward; wicked
Illyricum - joy; rejoicing
Imlah - plentitude; circumcision
Immanuel - God with us
Immer - saying; speaking; a lamb
Imnah - same as Jimnah
Imrah - a rebel; waxing bitter; changing
Imri - speaking; exalting; bitter; a lamb
India - praise; law
Iphedeiah - redemption of the Lord
Ir - watchman; city; vision
Ira - watchman; making bare; pouring out
Irad - wild ass; heap of empire; dragon
Iram - the effusion of them; a high heap
Iri - fire; light
Irijah - the fear of the Lord
Irpeel - the health - medicine - or exulting of God
Irshemesh - a city of bondage
Isaac - laughter
Isaiah - the salvation of the Lord
Iscah - he that anoints
Iscariot - a man of murder; a hireling
Ishbak - who is empty or exhausted
Ishbi-benob - respiration; conversion; taking captive
Ishbosheth - a man of shame
Ishi - salvation
Ishiah - it is the Lord
Ishma - named; marveling; desolation
Ishmael - God that hears
Ishmaiah - hearing or obeying the Lord
Ishmerai - keeper - or keeping
Ishod - a comely man
Ish-pan - hid; broken in two
Ish-tob - good man
Ishua - plainness; equal
Ishmachiah - cleaving to the Lord
Ispah - a jasper stone
Israel - who prevails with God
Issachar - reward; recompense
Isui - same as Ishuah
Ithai - strong; my sign; a plowshare
Italy - abounding with calves or heifers
Ithamar - island of the palm-tree
Ithiel - sign - or coming of God
Ithmah - an orphan
Ithran - remaining; searching out diligently
Ithream - excellence of the people
Ittah-kazin - hour - or time - of a prince
Iturea - guarded; mountainous
Ivah - iniquity
Izehar - Izhar - clearness; oil
Izrahiah - the Lord ariseth; the clearness of the Lord
Izri - fasting; tribulation


Jaakan - tribulation; labor
Jaakobah - supplanter; deceiver; the heel
Jaala - ascending; a little doe or goat
Jaalam - hidden; young man; heir
Jaanai - answering; afflicting; making poor
Jaasau - doing; my doing
Jaasiel - God's work
Jaazaniah - whom the Lord will hear
Jaazah - Jaazar - helper
Jaaziah - Jaaziel - the strength of the Lord
Jabal - which glides away
Jabbok - evacuation; dissipation; wrestling
Jabesh - dryness; confusion; shame
Jabez - sorrow; trouble
Jabin - Jabneh - he that understands; building
Jabneel - building of God
Jachan - wearing out; oppressing
Jachin - he that strengthens and makes steadfast
Jacob - that supplants - undermines; the heel
Jada - knowing
Jadau - his hand; his confession
Jaddua - known
Jael - he that ascends; a kid
Jagur - husbandman; stranger
Jah - the everlasting
Jahaleel - praising God; light of God
Jahath - broken in pieces; descending
Jahaz - Jahazah - quarrel; dispute
Jahaziah - the vision of the Lord
Jahaziel - seeing God
Jahdiel - the unity - or sharpness - or revenge - of God
Jahdo - I alone; his joy; his sharpness of wit; his newness
Jahleel - waiting for - or beseeching - or hope in - God
Jahmai - warm; making warm
Jahzeel - God hasteth - or divideth
Jair - Jairus - my light; who diffuses light
Jakan - same as Achan
Jakim - rising; confirming; establishing
Jalon - tarrying; murmuring
Jambres - poverty; bitter; a rebel
James - same as Jacob
Jamin - right hand; south wind
Jamlech - reigning; asking counsel
Janna - Jannes - who speaks or answers; afflicted; poor
Janoah - Janohah - resting; tarrying; deriving
Janum - sleeping
Japhet - enlarged; fair; persuading
Japhia - enlightening; appearing
Japhlet - Japhleti - delivered; banished
Japho - fairness; comeliness
Jarah - a wood; honeycomb; watching closely
Jareb - a revenger
Jared - a ruling; commanding; coming down
Jaresiah - the bed of the Lord; the Lord hath taken away; poverty
Jarib - fighting; chiding; multiplying; avenging
Jarmuth - fearing - or seeing - or throwing down - death
Jarvah - breathing - or making - a sweet smell
Jashem - Jashen - ancient; sleeping
Jasher - righteous; upright
Jashobeam - the people sitting; or captivity of the people
Jashub - a returning; a controversy; a dwelling place
Jasiel - the strength of God
Jason - he that cures
Jathniel - gift of God
Jattir - a remnant; excellent
Javan - deceiver; one who makes sad
Jazeel - strength of God
Jazer - assistance; helper
Jaziz - brightness; departing
Jearim - a leap; woods
Jeaterai - searching out
Jeberechiah - speaking well of - or kneeling to - the Lord
Jebus - treading under foot; manger
Jebusi - trodden under foot; mangers
Jecamiah - resurrection - or confirmation - or revenge - of the Lord
Jecoliah - perfection - or power - of the Lord
Jeconiah - preparation - or stability - of the Lord
Jedaiah - the hand of the Lord; confessing the Lord
Jedeiah - one Lord; the joy of the Lord
Jediael - the science - or knowledge - of God
Jedidah - well beloved; amiable
Jedidiah - beloved of the Lord
Jediel - the knowledge - or renewing - of God
Jeduthun - his law; giving praise
Jeezer - island of help
Jegar-sahadutha - heap of witness
Jehaleleel - Jehalelel - praising God; clearness of God
Jehaziel - same as Jahaziel
Jehdeiah - joy together - one Lord
Jeheiel - God liveth
Jehezekel - strength of God
Jehiah - the Lord liveth
Jehiskiah - the strength - or taking - of the Lord
Jehoadah - passing over; testimony of the Lord
Jehoaddan - pleasure - or time - of the Lord
Jehoahaz - possession of the Lord
Jehoash - fire of the Lord
Jehohanan - grace - or mercy - or gift - of the Lord
Jehoiachin - preparation - or strength - of the Lord
Jehoiada - knowledge of the Lord
Jehoiakim - avenging - or establishing - or resurrection - of the Lord
Jehoiarib - fighting - or multiplying - of the Lord
Jehonadab - Jonadab - free giver; liberality
Jehonathan - gift of the Lord; gift of a dove
Jehoram - exaltation of the Lord
Jehoshaphat - the Lord is judge
Jehosheba - fullness - or oath - of the Lord
Jehoshua - same as Joshua
Jehovah - self-subsisting
Jehovah-jireh - the Lord will provide
Jehovah-nissi - the Lord my banner
Jehovah-shalom - the Lord send peace
Jehovah-shammah - the Lord is there
Jehovah-tsidkenu - the Lord our righteousness
Jehozabad - the Lord's dowry; having a dowry
Jehozadak - justice of the Lord
Jehu - himself who exists
Jehubbah - hiding - binding
Jehucal - mighty; perfect; wasted
Jehud - Jehudi - praising; conferring
Jehudijah - the praise of the Lord
Jehush - keeping counsel; fastened
Jekabzeel - the congregation of God
Jekamean - the people shall arise
Jekamiah - establishing - or revenging - of the Lord
Jekuthiel - hope - or congregation - of the Lord
Jemima - handsome as the day
Jemuel - God's day; son of God
Jephunneh - he that beholds
Jerah - the moon; month; smelling sweet
Jerahmeel - the mercy - or the beloved - of God
Jered - ruling; coming down
Jeremai - my height; throwing forth waters
Jeremiah - exaltation of the Lord
Jeremoth - eminences; one that fears death
Jeriah - fear - or throwing down - of the Lord
Jerebai - fighting; chiding; multiplying
Jericho - his moon; his month; his sweet smell
Jeriel - fear - or vision of God
Jerijah - same as Jeriah
Jerimoth - he that fears or rejects death
Jerioth - kettles; breaking asunder
Jeroboam - he that opposes the people
Jeroham - high; merciful; beloved
Jerubbaal - he that defends Baal - let Baal defend his cause
Jerubbesheth - let the idol of confusion defend itself
Jeruel - fear - or vision of God
Jerusalem - vision of peace
Jerusha - banished; possession; inheritance
Jesaiah - health - or salvation - of the Lord
Jeshebeab - sitting - or captivity - of the father
Jesher - right; singing
Jeshimon - solitude; desolation
Jeshishai - ancient; rejoicing exceedingly
Jeshohaia - the Lord pressing; the meditation of God
Jeshua - same as Joshua
Jesiah - sprinkling of the Lord
Jesimiel - naming - or astonishment - of God
Jesse - gift; oblation; one who is
Jesui - even-tempered; flat country
Jesus - savior; deliverer
Jether - he that excels
Jetheth - giving
Jethlah - hanging up; heaping up
Jethro - his excellence; his posterity
Jetur - order; succession; mountainous
Jeuel - God hath taken away; God heaping up
Jeush - Jeuz - he that is devoured
Jew - same as Judah
Jezaniah - nourishment - or weapons - of the Lord
Jezebel - chaste
Jezer - island of help
Jeziah - Jeziel - sprinkling of the Lord
Jezoar - clear; white
Jezrahiah - the Lord arises; brightness of the Lord
Jezneel - seed of God
Jibsam - their drought - their confusion
Jidlaph - he that distills water
Jimnah - right hand; numbering; preparing
Jiphtah - opening
Jiphthael - God opening
Joab - paternity; voluntary
Joah - fraternity; brother of the Lord
Joahaz - apprehending; possessing; seeing
Joakim - rising or establishing of the Lord
Joanna - grace or gift of the Lord
Joash - who despairs or burns
Joatham - same as Jotham
Job - he that weeps or cries
Jobab - sorrowful - hated
Jochebed - glorious; honorable
Joed - witnessing; robbing; passing over
Joel - he that wills or commands
Joelah - lifting up; profiting; taking away slander
Joezer - he that aids
Jogbehah - an exalting; high
Jogli - passing over; turning back; rejoicing
Joha - who enlivens or gives life
Johanan - who is liberal or merciful
John - the grace or mercy of the Lord
Joiarib - chiding - or multiplying - of the Lord
Jokdeam - crookedness - or burning - of the people
Jokim - that made the sun stand still
Jokmeam - confirmation - or revenge - of the people
Jokneam - possessing - or building up - of the people
Jokshan - an offense; hardness; a knocking
Joktan - small dispute; contention; disgust
Jonadab - who gives liberally
Jonah - or Jonas - a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer
Jonan - a dove; multiplying of the people
Jonathan - given of God
Joppa - beauty; comeliness
Jorah - Jorai - showing; casting forth; a cauldron
Joram - to cast; elevated
Jordan - the river of judgment
Jorim - he that exalts the Lord
Josabad - having a dowry
Josaphat - same as Jehoshaphat
Jose - raised; who pardons
Joseph - increase; addition
Joses - same as Jose
Joshah - being; forgetting; owing
Joshaviah - the seat - alteration - or captivity of the Lord
Joshbekesha - it is requiring or beseeching
Joshua - a savior; a deliverer
Josiah - the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord
Josibiah - the seat - or captivity of the Lord
Josiphiah - increase of the Lord; the Lord's finishing
Jotham - the perfection of the Lord
Jothath - Jothatha - his goodness
Jozabad - same as Josabad
Jozachar - remembering; of the male sex
Jubal - he that runs; a trumpet
Jucal - mighty; perfect
Judah - the praise of the Lord; confession
Judas - Jude - same as Judah
Judaea - Judea - same as Judah
Judith - same as Judah
Julia - downy; soft and tender hair
Julius - same as Julia
Junia - youth
Jupiter - the father that helpeth
Jushabhesed - dwelling-place; change of mercy
Justus - just or upright
Juttah - turning away

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