For helpe of the readers, especially such as haue not leysure to read al, we haue gathered the contentes of the chapters; but made no Annotations: because the text it self is but as a ommentarie to the Canonical bookes; and therfore we haue only added the concordance of other Scriptures in the margin.


Iosias king of Iuda maketh a great Pasch, 7. geuing manie hostes to such as wanted for sacrifice:  14. the Priestes and Leuites performing their functions therin:  22. in the eightenth yeare f his reigne, 25. He is slayne in battel by the king of AEgypt, 32. and much lamented by the Iewes.  34. His sonne Ieconias succedeth.  37. After him Ioacim, 40. who is deposed by the king of abylon.  43. Ioachim reigneth three monethes, and is caried into Babylon.  46. Sedecias reigneth eleuen yeares wickedly.  52. and he with his people is caried captiue into Babylon, the citie and emple are destroyed.  57. so remayned til the Monarchie of the Persians.

1 AND Iosias made a Pasch in Ierusalem to our Lord & immolated the Phase the fourtenth moone of the moneth:  (4 Kings 23:21 / 2 Par 35:1)

2 appointing the Priestes by courses of dayes lothed with stoles in the temple of our Lord. 

3 And he spake to the Leuites the sacred seruantes of Isreal, that they should sanctifie them selues to our Lord in the placing of the holie arke of ur Lord in the house, which king Salomon sonne of Dauid built. 

4 It shal not be for you to take it vpon your shoulders.  And now serue your Lord, and take the care of that nation Israel, in part ccording to your villages and tribes,

5 according to the writing of Dauid king of Israel, and according to the magnificence of Salomon his sonne, al in the temple, and according to your fathers ortion of principalitie, among them that stand in the sight of your brethren the children of Isreal. 

6 Immolate the Pasch, and prepare the sacrifices for your bretheren, and doe according to the recept of our Lord which was geuen to Moyses.  (Ex 12 / Lev 23 / Num 28) 

7 And Iosias gaue vnto the people that was found of sheepe, lambes, and kiddes, and goates thirtie thousand, calues here thousand. 

8 These thinges were geuen to the people of the kinges goodes according to promisse:  and to the priestes for the Phase, sheepe in number two thousand, and calues an hundred. 

9 And Iechonias, and Semeias, and Nathanael bretheren, and Hasabias, and Oziel, and Coraba for the Phase sheepe fiue thousand, calues fiue hundred. 

10 And when these thinges were done in ood order, the Priestes an the Leuites stood hauing azymes by tribes. 

11 And according to the portions of their fathers principalitie, in the sight of the people they did offer, to our Lord ccording to those thinges, which were written in the booke of Moyses: 

12 and rosted the Phase with fire as it ought:  and the hostes they boyled in cauldrons, and in pottes with beneuolence: 

13 and they brought to al that were of the people:  and afterward they prepared for them selues and the priestes. 

14 For the Priestes offered the fatte, vntil the houre was ended:  and the Leuites repared for them selues, and their brethren, the children of Aaron.

15 And the sacred singing men, the children of Asaph were by order according to the precept of Dauid and Asaph, and acharias, and Ieddimus, which was from the king. 

16 And the porters at euerie gate, so that none transgressed his owne:  for their brethren prepared for them. 

17 And the thinges were onsummate that perteyned to the sacrifice of our Lord.

18 In that day they celebrated the Phase, and offered hostes vpon the sacrifice of our Lord, according to the precept of king Iosias. 

19 nd the children of Israel, that were found at that time, celebrated the Phase:  and the festiual day of Azymes for seuen dayes: 

20 and there was not celebrated such a Phase in Isreal, from the imes of Samuel the prophet: 

21 and al the kinges of Israel did not celebrate such a Phase as Iosias did, and the Priestes, and the Leuites, and the Iewes, and al Israel, that were found in their bode at Ierusalem. 

22 In the eightenth yeare, Iosias reigning was the Phase celebrated. 

23 And the workes of Iosias were directed in the sight of his Lord in a hart ful of feare:

24 and the hinges concerning him are writen in the ancient times, touching them that sinned, and were irreligous against our Lord aboue al nations, and that sought not the wordes of our Lord vpon Israel. 

25 And after al this fact of Iosias, came vp Pharao the king of AEgypt comming in Charcamis from the way vpon Euphrates, and Iosias went forth to meete him.  (4 Kings 23:29 / 2 Par 35:20) 

26 And the king of AEgypt sent to Iosias saying:  What is there betwen me & thee king of Iuda? 

27 I was not sent of the Lord to fight against thee:  for my battel is vpon Euphrates, goe downe n hast. 

28 And Iosias did not returne vpon his chariote:  but endeuoured to ouerthrow him, not attending the word of the prophet from the mouth of our Lord: 

29 but he made battel against im in the field of Mageddo.  And princes went downe to king Iosias. 

30 And the king said to his seruantes:  Remoue me from the battel, for I am weakned excedingly.  And forthwith his eruantes remoued him out of the battel.

31 And he went vp into his second chariote:  & comming to Ierusalem, dyed, and was buried in his fathers sepulchre. 

32 And in al Iurie they mourned or Iosias, & the rulers with their wiues lamented him vntil this day.  And this was geuen out to be done alwayes vnto al the stocke of Israel. 

33 But these thinges were writen before in the booke f the histories of the kinges of Iuda:  and al the actes of the doing of Iosias, and his glorie and his vnderstanding in the law of our Lord:  and the thinges that were done by him, and that are not riten in the booke of the kinges of Israel and Iuda. 

34 And they that were of the nation, taking Iechonias the sonne of Iosias, made him king for Iosias his father, when he was three and wentie yeares old.  (4 Kings 23:30 / 2 Par 36:1) 

35 And he reigned ouer Israel three monethes.  And the king of AEgypt remoued him, that he should not reigne in Ierusalem: 

36 and he put a axe vpon the nation of siluer an hundred talentes, and of gold one talent. 

37 And the king of AEgypt made Ioacim his brother king of Iuda and Ierusalem: 

38 and he bound the magistrates of oacim, and Zaracel his brother, and taking them brought them backe into AEgypt. 

39 Ioacim was fiue and twentie yeares old when he began to reigne in the land of Iuda and Ierusalem:  and he id euil in the sight of our Lord. 

40 And after this man came vp Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon, and binding him with a bande of brasse, brought him into Babylon. 

41 And abuchodonosor tooke the sacred vessels of our Lord, and carried away, and consecrated them in his temple in Babylon. 

42 For his vncleanes, and lacke of religion is written in the booke of the imes of the kinges.

43 And Ioachin his sonne reigned for him.  And when he was made king, he was eightene yeares old. 

44 And reigned three monethes and ten dayes in Ierusalem, and did uil in the sight of our Lord: 

45 and after a yeare Nabuchodonosor sending, transported him into Babylon together with the sacred vessels of our Lord.  (4 Kings 24:13) 

46 And he made edecias king of Iuda and Ierusalem, when he was one and twentie yeares old: (4 Kings 24:17)  and he reigned eleuen yeares. 

47 And he did euil in the sight of our Lord, and was not afraid of he wordes which were spoken by Ieremie the prophet from the mouth of our Lord:  (Jer 37:2) 

48 and being sworne of king Nabuchodonosor, forsworne he did reuolt:  and his necke being ardened, & his hart, he transgressed the ordinances of our Lord the God of Israel. 

49 And the princes of the people of our Lord did manie thinges wickedly, and they did impiously aboue al he vncleannes of the nations:  and they polluted the temple of our Lord that was holie of Ierusalem. 

50 And the God of their fathers sent by his messenger to reclame them, for that he would pare them, and his tabernacle. 

51 But they scorned at his messengers:  and in the day that our Lord spake to them, they were mocking his prophetes. 

52 Who was moued euen vnto wrath vpon is nation for their impietie, and commanded the kinges of the Chaldees to come vp. 

53 These slewe their yong men with the sword, round about their holie temple, and spared not yong man, nd old man, and virgin, and youth: 

54 but al were deliuered into their handes:  & taking al the sacred vessels of our Lord, and the kinges treasures, they caried them into Babylon,

55 and burnt he house of our Lord, and threwe downe the walles of Ierusalem:  and the towres therof they burnt with fire,

56 and consumed al their honorable thinges, and brought them to naught, and those hat were left of the sword, they led into Babylon. 

57 And they were his seruants vntil the Persians reigned in the fulfilling of the word of our Lord by the mouth of Ieremie:  (Jer 25:12 / Jer 29:10 / Dan 9:2) 

58 as long as the land quietly kept her sabbathes, al the time of her desolation she sabbathized in the application of seuentie yeares.


1 Cyrus king of Persia permitteth the Iewes to returne into their countrie: and deliuereth to them the holie vessels, which Nabuchodonosor had taken from the temple.  Certaine duersaries writing to king Artaxerxes, hinder those that would repayre the ruines of Ierusalem.  CYRVS king of the Persians reigning for the accomplishment of the word of our Lord by the mouth of Ieremie, (2 Par 36:22 / 1 Esd 1:1 / 1 Esd 6:3 / Jer 25:12 / Jer 29:10 / Dan 9:2)

2 our ord raysed vp the spirit of Cyrus king of the Persians, and he proclaymed in al his kingdomes, and that by writing,

3 saying:  Thus sayth Cyrus king of the Persians:  The Lord of Israel, the high ord, hath made me king ouer the whole earth. 

4 and hath signified to me to build him a house in Ierusalem, which is in Iurie. 

5 If there be any of your kinred, his Lord goe vp with him into erusalem. 

6 Whosoeuer therefore dwel about the places, let them helpe them that are in the same place, in gold and siluer,

7 in giftes, with horses, and beastes, and with other thinges which by owes are added into the temple of our Lord, which is in Ierusalem. 

8 And the princes of the tribes, of the villages and of Iurie, of the tribe of Beniamin, & the Priestes, and the Leuites standing p, whom our Lord moued to goe vp, and to build the house of our Lord which is in Ierusalem, and they that were round about them,

9 did helpe them with al their gold and siluer, and beastes, nd manie whose minde was stirred vp, with many vowes. 

10 And Cyrus the king brought forth the sacred vessel of our Lord, which Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon transported out of erusalem, and consecrated them to his Idol. 

11 And Cyrus the king of Persians bringing them forth, deliuered them to Mithridatus, who was ouer his treasures.

12 And by him they were eliuered to Salmanasar president of Iurie.

13 And of these this was the number:  Cuppes for libamentes of siluer two thousand foure hundred, basens of siluer thirtie:  phials of gold thirtie, also f siluer two thousand foure hundred:  and other vessels a thousand. 

14 and al the vessels of gold and siluer, were fiue thousand eight hundred sixtie. 

15 And they were numbered to almanasar together with them, that came out of the captiuite of Babylon into Ierusalem.

16 But in the times of Artaxerxes king of the Persians, there wrote to him of them that dwelt in Iurie and erusalem, Balsamus, and Mithridatus, and Sabellius, and Rathimus, Balthemus, Sabellius scribe, and the rest dweling in Samaria, and other places the epistle folowing to king Artaxerxes.  (1 Esd 4:7) 

17 SIR, thy seruantes Rathimus ouer occurrentes, and Sabellius the scribe, and the other iudges of thy court in Caelesyria, and Phenice. 

18 And now be it knowen to our Lord the king, that ewes came vp from you to vs, coming into Ierusalem a rebellious, & very naughty citie, do build the fornaces thereof, and set vp the walles, and rayse the temple. 

19 And if this citie, and the alles shal be finished, they wil not onlie not abyde to pay tributes, but also wil resist the kinges. 

20 And because that is in doing about the temple, we thought it should doe wel not to neglect his same thing:

21 but to make it knowen to our Lord the king, that if it shal seme good, o king it may be sought in the bookes of thy fathers,

22 and thou shalt find in the recordes, thinges writen of these, and thou shalt know that this citie hath bene rebellious, and trubling kinges, and cities,

23 and the Iewes rebelles, & making battels in it from time out of mind, for the which ause this citie was made desolate. 

24 Now therfore we doe thee to vnderstand, Lord king, that if this citie shal be built, and the walles therof shal be erected, there wil be no comming downe or thee into Caelesyria, & Phenice. 

25 Then wrote the king to Rathimus, the writer of the occurrentes, and to Balthemus, and to Sabellius the scribe, and to the rest ioyned with them, and to the wellers in Syria, and Phenice, as foloweth: 

26 I haue read the epistle that you sent me.  I commanded therfore search to be made, & it was found that the same citie is from the beginning ebellious to kinges,

27 and the men rebelles, and making battels in it, & there were most valient kinges ruling in Ierusalem, and exacting tributes in Caelesyria, & Phenice. 

28 Now therfore I aue geuen commandment to forbid those men to build the citie, and to stay them that nothing be done more then is: 

29 and that they proceeded not farder, wherof are euils, so that there may e truble brougt vpon the kinges.

30 Then these things being read which were writen of king Artaxerxes, Rathimus, and Sabellius the scribe, and they that were apointed with them ioyning ogether in hast came to Ierusalem with a troupe of horsemen, and multitude, & companie: 

31 and they begane to forbid the builders, and they ceased from building of the temple in Ierusalem, il in the second yeare of the reigne of Darius king of the Persians.

After a solemne supper made to al the court, and chief princes, king Darius sleeping:  three esquires of the bodie keeping watch, proposed the question:  Whether wine, or a King, or emen, or the truth doth excel?  The first prayseth wine.

1 KING Darius made a great supper to al his domestical seruantes, and to al the magistrates of Media and Persia,

2 and to al that were purple, and to the praetors, and counsuls, and iuetenantes vnder him from India vnto AEthiopia, an hundred twentie seuen prouinces. 

3 And when they had eaten and drunken, and returned ful, then Darius went vp into his chamber, and lept, and awaked. 

4 Then those three youngmen kepers of his bodie, which garded the kings bodie, sayd one to an other;

5 Let euerie one of vs say a word that may excel:  & whose word oeuer shal appeare wiser then the others, to him wil king Darius geue great giftes,

6 to be couered with purple, & to drinke in gold, and to sleepe vpon gold, & a chariote with a bridle of gold, &  bonet of silke, and a cheyne about his necke: 

7 and he shal sit in the second place next Darius for his wisdome.  And he shal be called the cosin of Darius. 

8 Then euerie one writing his word igned it, and they put it vnder the pillow of Darius the king,

9 and they sayd.  When the king shal rise, we wil geue him our writinges:  and which soeuer of the three the king shal iudge, and the agistrates of Persia, that his word is the wiser, to him shal the victorie be geuen as is writen. 

10 One wrote:  Wine is strong. 

11 An other wrote, a King is stronger. 

12 The third wrote, Wemen re more strong:  but aboue al thinges truth ouercometh. 

13 And when the king was risen, they tooke their writinges, and gaue him, and he read. 

14 And sending he called al the Magistrates of ersians, and the Medes, and them that weare purple, and the pretors, and the ouerseers;

15 and they sate in the councel:  and the writinges were read before them. 

16 And he sayd:  Cal the oungmen, and they shal declare their owne wordes.  And they were called, and went in. 

17 And he sayd to them:  Declare vnto vs concerning these thinges which are writen.  And the first egan, he that had spoken of the strength of wine,

18 and sayd:  O ye men, how doth wine preuaile ouer al men that drinke!  it seduceth the minde. 

19 And also the mind of king and orphane it aketh vaine.  Also of the bondman and the free, of the rich man and the poore,

20 and euerie mind it turneth into securitie and pleasantnes, and it remembreth not any sorow and dewtie,

21 and l hartes it maketh honest, and it remembreth not king, nor magistrate, and it maketh a man speake al thinges by talentes.

22 And when they haue drunke, they remember not frendship, nor rotherhood:  yea and not long after they take swordes. 

23 And when they are recouered and risen from the wine, they remember not what they haue done. 

24 O ye men, doth not wine excel?  ho thinketh to doe so?  And hauing sayd this, he held his peace.


The second prayseth the excellencie of a king:  The third (which is Zorobabel) commendeth wemen:  but preferreth truth aboue al.  Which is so approued, and he is rewarded. 

1 The king moreouer at his request restoreth the holie vessels of the temple, and granteth meanes to build the citie of Ierusalem, and the temple.  AND the next began to speake, he that spake of the strength of a king.

2 O ye men doe not the men excel, which obteyne land and sea, and al thinges that are in them? 

3 But a king xcelleth aboue al thinges, and hath dominion ouer them:  and euerie thing whatsoeuer he shal say to them, they doe. 

4 And if he send them to warryers, they goe, and throw downe mountaines, nd the walles, and towers. 

5 They kil, and are killed:  and the kinges word they transgresse not.  For if they shal ouercome, they bring to the king al thinges whatsoeuer they haue taken for a raye. 

6 In like maner also al others, for so many as are not souldiars, nor fight, but til the ground:  when they shal reape, againe they bring tributes to the king. 

7 And he being one onlie if he ay: Kil ye, they kil:  say he:  forgeue, the forgeue. 

8 say he:  strike: they strike:  say he, destroy, they destroy:  say he build, they build.

9 say he, cut downe, they cut downe, say he plant, they lant: 

10 and al the people, & potestates here him, and beside this he sitteth downe, and drinketh, and sleepeth. 

11 And others gard him round about, and can not goe euerie one, and doe their wne workes, but at a word are obedient to him. 

12 O ye men, how doth not a king excel that is so renowmed?  And he held his peace. 

13 The third that spake of wemen and truth, this is orobabel, began to speake. 

14 O ye men, not the great king, & many men, neither is it wine that dothe excel.  Who is it then that hath the dominion of them? 

15 Haue not wemen brought forth he king, and al the people, that ruleth ouer land & sea: 

16 and were they not borne of them, and did not they bring vp them which planted the vineyardes, whereof wine is made? 

17 And they ake the garmentes of al men, & they doe honor to al men, and men can not be separed from wemen. 

18 If they haue gathered gold and siluer, and euerie beutiful thing, & see a woman comelie nd fayre,

19 leauing al these thinges they fixe their looke vpon her, & with open mouth beholde her, and allure her more then gold and siluer, and euerie precious thing. 

20 Man forsaketh his ather that brought him vp, and his countrie, and ioyneth himself to a woman. 

21 And with a woman he refresheth his soul:  and neither doth he remember father, nor mother, nor countrie. 

22 nd hereby you must know that wemen rule ouer you.  Are you not sorie? 

23 And a man taketh his sword, & goeth into the way to commit theftes and murders, & to sayle seas & riuers,

24 and eeth a lyon, and goeth in darkenes:  and when he hath committed theft, and fraude, and spoyles, he bringeth it to his beloued. 

25 And againe, man loueth his wife more then father or mother. 

26 And many haue become madde for their wiues:  and haue been made bondmen for them: 

27 and many haue perished and bene slayne, and haue sinned for wemen. 

28 And now beleue me, hat the king is great in his powre:  because al countries are afrayd to touch him. 

29 Neuertheles I saw Apemes the daughter of Bezaces the concubine of a meruelous king, sitting by the king at is right hand,

30 and taking of the crowne from his head, and putting it vpon her self, and with the palme of her left hand she stroke the king. 

31 And beside these thinges he with open mouth eheld her:  and if she smiled he laugheth, and if she be angrie with him, he flattereth, til he be reconciled to her fauour. 

32 O ye men, why are not wemen stronger? Great is the earth, and high is he heauen:  who doeth these thinges?

33 And then the king and they that weare purple looked one vpon an other. And he began to speake of truth. 

34 O ye men, are not wemen strong?  The arth is great and heauen is high:  & the swift course of the sunne turneth the heauen round into his place in one day. 

35 Is not he magnifical that doth these thinges, and the truth great, and tronger aboue al thinges? 

36 Al the earth calleth vpon the truth, heauen also blesseth it, and al workes are moued, and tremble at it, and there is not any thing with it vniust. 

37 Wine is vniust, he king is vniust, wemen are vniust, al the sonnes of men are vniust, and al their workes are vniust, and in them is not truth, and they shal perish in their iniquitie: 

38 and truth abydeth, and roweth strong for euer, and liueth, and preuayleth for euer and euer. 

39 Neither is there with it acception of persons, nor differences:  but the thinges that are iust it doth to al men, to the vniust nd malignant, and al men are wel pleased in the workes thereof. 

40 And there is no vniust thing in the iudgement therof, but strength, and reigne, and power, and maiestie of worldes. Blessed e the God of truth. 

41 And he left speaking.  And al the people cryed, and sayd:  Great is truth and it preuaileth. 

42 Then the king sayd to him:  Aske, if thou wilt any more, then the thinges hat are writen, and I wil geue it thee, according as thou art found wiser then thy neighbours, & thou shalt sitte next to me, and shalt be called my cosin. 

43 Then sayd he to the king:  Be midful f thy vow, which thou hast vowed, to build Ierusalem in the day that thou didst receiue the kingdom: 

44 and to send backe al the vessels that were taken out of Ierusalem, which Cyrus eparated, when he sacked Babylon, and would haue sent them backe thither. 

45 And thou hast vowed to build the temple, which the Idumeians burnt, when Iurie was destroyed of the haldees.

46 And now this is that which I aske Lord, & which I desire, this is the maiestie which I desire of thee, that thou performe the vowe which thou hast vowed to the king of heauen by hy mouth. 

47 Then Darius the king rising vp, kissed him:  and wrote letters to al the officers, and ouerseers, and them that weare purple, that they should conduct him, and them that were with im, al going vp to build Ierusalem. 

48 And to al the ouerseers that were in Syria, and Phoenice, and Libanus he wrote letters, that they should draw Ceder trees from Libanus into Ierusalem, to uild the citie with them.  

49 And he wrote to al the Iewes which went vp from the kingdome into Iurie for libertie, euerie mightie man, & magistrate, & ouerseer not to come vpon them to their ates,

50 and al the countrie which they had obtayned to be free vnto them, & that the Idumeians leaue the castels which they possesse of the Iewes,

51 and to the building of the temple to geue uerie yeare twentie talentes vntil it were throughly built: 

52 & vpon the altars to burne holocausts dayly, as they haue commandment:  to offer other ten talentes euery yeare,

53 & to al that go orth from Babylon to build the citie, that there should be libertie as wel to them as to their children, and to al the priestes that goe before. 

54 And he wrote a quantitie also, and commanded the acred stole to be geuen, wherein they should serue;

55 and to the Leuites he wrote to geue preceptes, vntil the day wherein the house shal be finished, and Ierusalem builded. 

56 And to al that epe the citie, he wrote portions and wages to be geuen to them. 

57 And he sent away al the vessels whatsoeuer Cyrus had separated from Babylon, and al thinges whatsoeuer Cyrus sayd, he lso commanded to be donne, and to be sent to Ierusalem. 

58 And when that yong man was gone forth, lyfting vp his face toward Ierusalem, he blessed the king of heauen,

59 & sayd:  Of thee s victorie, and of thee is wisdome, and glorie.  And I am thy seruant.

60 Blessed art thou which hast geuen me wisedom, and I wil confesse to thee Lord God of our fathers. 

61 And he toke the etters, and went into Babylon.  And he came, and told al his brethren that were in Babylon:

62 and they blessed the God of their fathers, because he gaue them remission and refreshing, 63 that hey should goe vp and build Ierusalem, and the temple wherein his name was renowmed, and they reioyced with musike and ioy seuen dayes.


Those that returned from captiuitie of Bablyon into Ierusalem, and Iurie, are recited.  They restore Gods seruice:  but are hindered from building.

1 AFTER these thinges there were chosen, to goe vp the princes of townes by their houses, and tribes, and their wiues, and their sonnes and daughters, and their men seruantes and wemen eruantes, and their cattel. (1 Esd 2:1) 

2 And Darius the king sent together with them a thousand horsmen, til they conducted them to Ierusalem with peace, & with musicke & with tymbrels, nd shaulmes: 

3 and al the brethren were playing, and he made them goe vp together with them. 

4 And these are the names of the men that went vp by their townes according to tribes, and ccording to the portion of their principalitie. 

5 Priestes:  The children of Phinees, the sonne of Aaron, Iesus the sonne of Iosedec, Ioacim the sonne of Zorobabel, the sonne of Salatheil of the ouse of Dauid, of the progenie of Phares, of the tribe of Iuda. 

6 Who spake vnder Darius king of the Persians the meruelous wordes in the second yeare of his reigne the first moneth Nisan. 

7 nd they are these, that of Iurie came vp from the captiuitie of the transmigration, whom Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon transported into Babylon, and returned into Ierusalem. (1 Esd 2:2 / 2 Esd 7:6) 

8 And euerie one sought a part of Iurie according to his owne citie, they that came with Zorobabel, and Iesus, Nehemias, Areores, Elimeo, Emmanio, Mardocheo, Beelsuro, echpsatochor, Olioro, Emonia one of their princes. 

9 And the number of them of the same nation, of their rulers the children of Phares, two thousand an hundred seuentie two: 

10 The children f Ares, three thousand an hundred fiftie seuen: 

11 The children of Phoemo, an hundred fourtie two:  in the children of Iesus and Ioabes, a thousand three hundred two: 

12 the children of emu, two thousand foure hundred seuentie:  the children of Choraba, two hundred fiue:  the children of Banica, an hundred sixtie eight,

13 the children of Bebech, foure hundred three:  the hildren of Archad, foure hundred twentie seuen: 

14 the children of Cham, thirtie seuen:  the children of Zoroar, two thousand sixtie seuen:  the children of Adin, foure hundred sixtie one: 

15 he children of Aderectes, an hundred eight:  the children of Ciaso and Zelas an hundred seuen:  the children of Azoroc, foure hundred thirtie nine: 

16 the children of Iedarbone, an hundred hirtie two:  the children of Ananias, an hundred thirtie:  the children of Asoni, ninetie: 

17 the children of Marsar, foure hundred twentie two:  the children of Zabarus, nintie fiue:  the children f Sepolemon, an hundred twentie three: 

18 the children of Nepopas, fiftie fiue:  the children of Hechanatus, an hundred fiftie eight:  the children of Cebethamus, an hundred thirite two: 

19 the hildren of Crearpatros, which are of Enocadie and Modia, foure hundred twentie three:  they of Gramas and Babea, an hundred twentie one.

20 They of Besselon, and Ceagge, sixtie fiue:  they f Bastraro, an hundred twentie two: 

21 they of Bechenobes, fiftie fiue:  the children of Liptis, an hundred fiftie fiue:  the children of Labonni, three hundred fiftie seuen: 

22 the children of ichem, three hundred seuentie: the children of Suadon, & Cliomus, three hundred seuentie eight: 

23 the children of Ericus, two thousand an hundred fourtie fiue:  the children of Anaas, three undred seuentie.  The priestes: 

24 the children of Ieddus, the sonne of Euther, the sonne of Eliasib, three hundred seuenty two:  the children of Emerus, two hundred fiftie two: 

25 the children f Phasurius, three hundred fiftie seuen the children of Caree, two hundred twentie seuen. 

26 The Leuites:  The children of Iesus in Caduhel, and Bamis, and Serebias, and Edias, seuentie foure, he whole number from the twelfth yeare, thiritie thousand foure hundred sixtie two. 

27 The sonnes, and daughters, and wiues, the whole number, fourtie thousand two hundred fourtie two. 

28 he children of the Priestes, that sang in the temple:  the children of Asaph, an hundred twentie eight. 

29 And the porters:  the children of Esmeni, the children of Azer, the children of Amon, he children of Accuba, of Topa, the children of Tobi, al an hundred thirtie nine. 

30 Priestes that serued in the temple:  the children of Sel, the children of Gaspha, the children of Tobloch, the hildren of Caria, the children of Su, the children of Hellu, the children of Lobana, the children of Armacha, the children of Accub, the children of Vtha, the children of Cetha, the children of ggab, the children of Obai, the children of Anani, the children of Canna, the children of Geddu,

31 the children or An, the children of Radin, the children of Desanon, the children of Nachoba, he children of Caseba, the children of Gaze, the children of Ozui, the children of Sinone, the children of Attre, the children of Hasten, the children of Asiana, the children of Manei, the children f Nasissim, the children of Acusu, the children of Agista, the children of Azui, the children of Fauon, the children of Phasalon,

32 the children of Meedda, the children of Phusa, the children of aree, the children of Burcus, the children of Saree, the children of Coesi, the children of Nasith, the children of Agisti, the children of Pedon. 

33 Salomon his children, the children of Asophot, he children of Phasida, the children of Celi, the children of Dedon, the children of Gaddehel, the children of Sephegi,

34 the children of Aggia, the children of Sachareth, the children of abathen, the children of Caroneth, the children of Malsith, the children of Ama, the children of Sasus, the children of Addus, the children of Suba, the children of Eura, the children of Rahotis, he children of Phasphat, the children of Malmon. 

35 Al that serued the sanctuarie, and the seruantes of Salomon, foure hundred eightie two. 

36 These are the children that came vp from helmela, Thelharsa:  the princes of them, Carmellam, and Careth: 

37 and they could not declare their cities, and their progenies, how they are of Israel.  The children of Dalari, the children of ubal, the children of Nechodaici,

38 of the Priestes, that did the function of priesthood:  and there were not found the children of Obia, the children of Achisos, the children of Addin, who ooke a wife of the daughters of Pargeleu: 

39 and they were called by his name, and the writing of the kinred of these was sought in the register, and it was not found, and they were forbid to oe the function of priesthood. 

40 And Nehemias and Astharus sayd to them: Let not the holie thinges be participated, til there arise a hiegh priest lerned for declaration and truth. 

41 And al srael was beside men seruantes, and wemen seruantes, fourtie two thousand three hundred fourtie. 

42 Their men seruantes and wemen seruantes, seuen thousand three hundred thirtie seuen.  inging men and singing wemen, two hundred three score fiue. 

43 Camels, foure hundred thiritie fiue.  Horses, seuen thousand thirtie six.  Mules, two hundred thousand fourtie fiue.  Beastes nder yoke, fiue thousand twentie fiue. 

44 And of the rulers themselues by their villages, when they came into the temple of God, which was in Ierusalem, to renew and raise vp the temple in his lace, according to their power: 

45 and to be geuen into the temple to the sacred treasure of the workes, of gold twelue thousand mnas, and fiue thousand mnas of siluer, and stoles for Priestes n hundred. 

46 And the Priestes and Leuites, and they that came out of the people, dwelt in Ierusalem, and in the countrie, and the sacred singingmen, and porters, and al Israel in their ountries. 

47 And the seuenth moneth being at hand, and when the children of Israel were euerie man in his owne affayres, they came together with one minde into the court, that was before the ast gate. (1 Esd 3:1)  

48 And Iesus the sonne of Iosedec, and his brethren the priestes:  Zorobabel the sonne of Salathiel, and his brethren standing vp, prepared an altar,

49 that they might offer pon it holocaustes, according to the thinges that are writen in the booke of Moyses the man of God. 

50 And there assembled there of other nations of the land, and al the nations of the land rected the altar in his place, and they offered hostes, and morning holocaustes to our Lord. 

51 And they celebrated the feast of Tabernacles, and the solemne day, as it is commanded in the awe:  and sacrifices dayly, as it behoued: 

52 and after these the appointed oblations, and the hostes of the sabbathes, and of the newmoones, and of al the solemne sanctified dayes. 

53 And as anie as vowed to our Lord from the new moone of the seuenth moneth, began to offer the hostes to God, and the temple of our Lord was not yet built. 

54 And they gaue monie to the masones nd workemen, and drinke and victuals with ioy. 

55 And they gaue cartes to the Sidonians, and Tyrianes, that with them they should carie ceder beames from Lybanus, and should make boates n the hauen Ioppe, according to the decre that was writen for them by Cyrus king of the Persians. 

56 And in the second yeare coming into the temple of God in Ierusalem, in the second moneth egan Zorobel the sonne of Salathiel, and Iosue the sonne of Iosedec, and their bretheren, and the Priestes and Leuites, and al that were come from the captiuitie into Ierusalem. 

57 and they ounded the temple of God in the newmoone of the second moneth of the second yeare, after that they came into Iurie and Ierusalem. 

58 And they appoynted the Leuites from twentie yeares, uer the workes of our Lord:  and Iesus stood and his sonne, and the bretheren, al Leuites ioyning together, & executors of the lawe, doing the workes in the house of our Lord. 

59 And al the riestes stood, hauing stoles with trumpettes: 

60 and Leuites the children of Asaph, hauing cymbals together praysing our Lord, and blessing him according to Dauid king of Israel. 

61 And they ong a song to our Lord, because his sweetenes, and honour is for euer vpon Israel. 

62 And al the people sounded with trumpet, and cried out with a loud voice, praysing our Lord in the raysing p of the house of our Lord. 

63 And there came of the Priestes and Leuites, and presidentes by their villages the more ancientes, which had sene the old house: 

64 and to the building of this ith crie and great lamentation, and manie with trumpettes and great ioy:

65 in so much that the people heard not the trumpettes for the lamentatinon of the people.  For the multitude was ounding with trumpettes magnifically, so that it was heard far of. 

66 And the enimes of the tribe of Iuda, and Beniamin heard it, and they came to knowe what the voyce of the trumpettes was: 

67 And they knew that they which were of the captiuitie doe build a temple to our Lord the God of Israel.

68 And coming to Zorobabel & Iesus, the ouerseers of the villages, they sayd to them:  e will build together with you:  (1 Esd 4:2) 

69 For we haue in like maner heard your Lord, & we walke like from the dayes of Asbazareth king of the Assyrians, who transported vs hither. 

70 nd Zorobabel, and Iesus, & the princes of the villages of Israel, sayd to them: 

71 It is not for vs and you to build the house of our God.  For we alone wil build to our Lord of Israel according s Cyrus the king of the Persians hath commanded. 

72 And the nations of the land lying vpon them that are in Iurie, and lifting vp the worke of the building, and bringing ambushmentes, and eoples, prohibited them to build. 

73 and practising assaultes hindred them, that the building might not be finished al the time of the life of king Cyrus, and they differred the building for two eares vntil the reigne of Darius.


The Iewes by assistance of king Darius build vp the Temple in Ierusalem.

1 AND in the second yeare of the reigne of Darius prophecied Aggeus, and Zacharias the sonne of Addo the prophet to Iurie and Ierusalem in the name of God of Israel vpon them.  (1 Esd

2 Then Zorobabel the sonne of Salathiel standing vp, and Iesus the sonne of Iosedec begane to build the house of our Lord, which is in Ierusalem. 

3 When the prophetes of our Lord were resent with them, and did helpe them.  At the same time came Sisennes to them, the deputie of Syria, and of Phenice, and Satrabuzanes, and his felowes: 

4 and they sayd to them:  By whose ommandment, build ye this house, and this roofe, and perfite al other thinges?  And who are the workmen that build these thinges? 

5 And the ancientes of the Iewes, which were left of the aptiuitie by our Lord, had fauoure when the visitation was made vpon them. 

6 And they were not hindered from building, til it was signified to Darius of al these thinges, and answer was eceiued. 

7 A copie of the letter, which they sent to Darius.  SISENNES deputie of Syria and Phenice, and Satrabuzanes, and his felowes in Syria and Phenice presidents, to king Darius reetings: 

8 Be al thinges knowen to our Lord the king, that when we came into the countrie of Iurie, and had entered into Ierusalem, we found them building the great house of God. 

9 And he temple of polished stones, and of great and precious matter in the walles. 

10 And the workes to be a doing earnestly, and to succede, and prosper in their handes, and in al glorie to be erfited most diligently. 

11 Then we asked the ancients saying, by whose permission build ye this house, & found these workes? 

12 And therfore we asked them, that we might doe thee to now the men & the ouerseers, and we required of them a rolle of the names of the ouerseers. 

13 But they answered vs saying:  We are the seruantes of the Lord, which made heauen and earth. 

14 And this house was built these manie yeares past by a king of Israel, that was great and most valiant, and was finished. 

15 And because our fathers were prouoking to wrath, and sinned gaynst God of Israel, he deliuered them into the handes of Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon, king of the Chaldees. 

16 And throwing downe this house they burnt it, and they led the eople captiue into Babylon. 

17 In the first yeare when Cyrus reigned the king of Babylon, Cyrus the king wrote to build this house.

18 And these sacred vessels of gold and siluer which abuchodonosor had taken out of the house which is in Ierusalem, and had consecrated them in his owne temple, Cyrus brought them forth agayne out of the temple which was in Babylon, and hey were deliuered to Zorobabel, & to Salmanasar the deputie. 

19 And it was commanded them that they should offer these vessels, & lay them vp in the temple, which was in Ierusalem, and uild the temple of God itself in his place. 

20 Then did Salmanasar lay the fundations of the house of our Lord, which is in Ierusalem:  and from that time vntil now it is a building, and is not ccomplished. 

21 Now therfore if thou thincke it good o king, let it be sought in the kings liberaries of Cyrus the king, which are in Babylon: 

22 and if it shal be found, that the building of the ouse of the Lord, which is in Ierusalem, begane by the counsel of Cyrus the king, and it be thought good of our Lord the king, let him write to vs of these thinges. 

23 Then Darius the king ommanded search to be made in the libraries:  and there was found in Ecbatana a towne that is in the countrie of Media, one place wherin were writen these wordes:  (1 Esd 6:1) 

24 IN THE IRST YEARE of the reigne of Cyrus, king Cyrus commanded to build the house of the Lord which is in Ierusalem, where they did burne incense with dayly fire,

25 the height wherof shal be f ten cubits, & the bredth three score cubites, foure square with three stones polished, and with a loft galerie of wood of the same countrie, & one new galerie, and the expenses to be geuen out f the house of Cyrus the king. 

26 And the sacred vesseles of the house of the Lord, as wel of gold as of siluer, which Nabuchodonosor tooke from the house of our Lord, which is in Ierusalem here they were layed, that they be put there: 

27 And he commanded Sisennes the deputie of Syria & Phoenice, and Satrabuzanes, and his felowes & them that were ordayned presidentes in yria & Phoenice, that they should refraine themselues from that place. 

28 And I also haue geuen commandment to build it wholly:  and haue prouided, that they helpe them, which are of the aptiuitie of the Iewes, til the temple of the house of the Lord be accomplished. 

29 And from the vexation of the tributes of Coelesyria & Phoenice, a quantitie to be geuen diligently to these en for the sacrifice of the Lord, to Zorobabel the gouernour, for oxen, and rammes, and lambes. 

30 And in like maner corne also, and salt, and wine, and oyle continually yeare by yeare, ccording as the priestes which are in Ierusalem, haue prescribed to be spent dayly: 

31 that libamentes may be offered to the most high God for the king & his children, & that they may pray for heir life. 

32 And that it be denounced, that whosoeuer shal transgresse anie thing of these which are writen, or shal despise it, a beame be taken of theyr owne, & they be hanged, & their goodes e confiscate to the king. 

33 Therfore the Lord also, whose name is inuocated there, destroy euery king & nation, that shal extend their hand to hinder or to handle il the house of the Lord which s in Ierusalem.

34 I Darius the king haue decreed that it be most diligently done according to these thinges.


The house of God is finished, 7. and dedicated, 10. the feast of Pasch is also celebrated seuen dayes with Azimes.

1 THEN Sisennes the deputie of Coelesyria, and Phaenice, and Satrabuzames, and their felowes, obeying those thinges which were decreed of Darius the king, (1 Esd 6:13)

2 applied the acred workes most diligently, working together with the ancientes of the Iewes, the princes of Syria. 

3 And the sacred workes prospered, Aggeus & Zacharias the prophetes prophecying. 

4 nd they accomplished al thinges by the precept of our Lord the God of Israel, and by the counsel of Cyrus, & Darius, and Artaxerxes the king of the Persians. 

5 And our house was a finishing ntil the three and twentith day of the moneth of Adar, the sixth yeare of Darius the king. 

6 And the children of Israel, and the Priestes and Leuites, and the rest that were of the captiuitie, hich were added did according to those thinges that are written in the booke of Moyses.

7 And they offered for the dedication of the temple of our Lord, oxen an hundred, rammes two undred, lambes foure hundred. 

8 And kiddes for the sinnes of al Israel, twelue, according to the number of the tribes of Israel. 

9 And the Priestes and Leuites stood clothed with stoles by ribes, ouer al the workes of our Lord the God of Israel, according to the booke of Moyses, and the porters at euerie gate. 

10 And the children of Israel, wih them that were of the captiuitie elebrated the phase of the fourtenth moone of the first moneth, when the Priestes and Leuites were sanctified. 

11 Al the children of the captiuitie were not sanctified together, because al the euites were sanctified together.

12 And al the children of the captuitie immolated the phase, both for their brethren the Priestes, and for them selues. 

13 And the children of Israel did eate, they hat were of the captiuitie al that remayned apart from al the abominations of the nations of the land seeking our Lord.

14 And they celebrated the festiual day of Azymes seuen dayes feasting in he sight of our Lord. 

15 Because he turned the counsel of the king of the Assirians toward them, to strengthen their handes to the workes of our Lord the God of Israel.


Esdras going from Babylon to Ierusalem, carieth king Artaxerxes fauourable letters, with licence to take gold, siluer, and al thinges necessarie at their pleasure.  The chief men hat goe with him are recited.  He voweth a fast praying for good success in their iorney. weigheth the gold and siluer, which he deliuereth to the Priestes, and Leuites.  And seuerely dmonisheth the people to repentance, for their mariages made with infideles.

1 AND after him when Artaxerxes king of the Persians reigned, came Esdras the sonne of Azarias, the sonne of Helcias the sonne of Salome, (1 Esd 7:1)

2 the sonne of Sadoc, the sonne of chitob, the sonne of Ameri, the sonne of Azahel, the sonne of Bocci, the sonne of Abisue, the sonne of Phinees the sonne of Eleazar, the sonne of Aaron the first priest. 

3 This Esdras came vp rom Babylon being scribe & wise in the law of Moyses, which was geuen of our Lord the God of Israel to teach and to doe. 

4 And the king gaue him glorie, because he had found grace in al ignitie and desire in his sight. 

5 And there went vp with him of the children of Israel, and the Priestes, and the Leuites, and the sacred singers of the temple, and the porters, and the seuantes of he temple into Ierusalem. 

6 In the seuenth yeare when Artaxerxes reigned in the fifth moneth, this is the seuenth yeare of his reigne, going forth of Babylon in the newmoone of the fifth oneth,

7 they came to Ierusalem according to his commandment, according to the prosperitie of their iourney, which their Lord gaue them. 

8 For in these Esdras had great knowlege, that he ould not pretermitte anie of those thinges, which were according to the law, and the preceptes of our Lord, and in teaching al Israel al iusticie and iudgement. 

9 And they that wrote the ritinges of Araxerxes the king, coming deliuered the writing which was granted of Artaxerxes the king to Esdras the Priest, & the reader of the law of our Lord, the copie wherof here foloweth. 

10 KING Artaxerxes to Esdras the Priest, and reader of the law of the Lord, greeting. 

11 I of curtesie esteming it among benifites, haue commanded them that of their owne accord are desirous f the nation of the Iewes, and of the Priestes and Leuites, which are in my kingdom, to goe with thee into Ierusalem. 

12 If anie therfore desire to goe with thee, let them come together, and set orward as it hath pleased me, and my seuen freindes my counselers:

13 that they may visite those thinges which are done touching Iurie and Ierusalem, obseruing as thou hast in the law of the ord. 

14 And let them carie the giftes to the Lord the God of Israel, which I haue vowed and my freindes to Ierusalem, and al the gold and siluer, that shal be found in the countrie of Babylon o the Lord in Ierusalem, with that,

15 which is geuen for the nation it self vnto the temple of their Lord which is in Ierusalem:  that this gold and siluer be gathered for oxen, and rammes, and ambes, and kiddes, and for the thinges that are agreable to these,

16 that they may offer hostes to the Lord vpon the altar of their Lord, which is in Ierusalem. 

17 And al thinges whatsoeuer hou with thy brethren wilt doe with gold and siluer, doe it at thy pleasure according to the precept of the Lord thy God. 

18 And the sacred vessels, which are geuen thee to the workes of the ouse of the Lord thy God, which is in Ierusalem. 

19 And other thinges whatsoeuer shal helpe thee to the workes of the temple of thy God, thou shalt geue it out of the kings treasure. 

20 When hou with thy brethren wilt doe ought with gold and siluer, doe according to the wil of the Lord. 

21 And I king Artaxerxes haue geuen commandment to the keepers of the treasure of Syria and haenice, that what thinges soeuer Esdras the Priest and reader of the law of the Lord, shal write for, they geue him vnto an hundred talentes of siluer, likewise also of gold. 

22 And vnto an undred measures of corne, & an hundred vessels of wine, and other thinges whatsoeuer abound without taxing. 

23 Let al thinges be done to the most high God according to the law of God, est perhaps there arise wrath in the reigne of the king, and of his sonne, and his sonnes. 

24 And to you it is sayd, that vpon al the Priestes, and Leuites, and sacred singers, and seruantes of the emple, & scribes of this temple

25 no tribute, nor any other taxe be sette, and that no man haue auctoritie to obiect any thing to them. 

26 But thou Esdras according to the wisedom of God ppoynt iudges, and arbitrers in al Syria and Phaenice:  and teach al them that know no the law of thy God: 

27 that whosoeuer shal transgresse the law, they be diligently punished either with eath, or with torment, or els with a forfeite of money, or with banishment. 

28 And Esdras the scribe sayd:  Blessed be the God of our fathers, which hath geuen this wil into the kings hart, to lorifie his house, which is in Ierusalem.

29 And hath honoured me in the sight of the king, and of his counselers, and freindes, and them that weare purple. 

30 And I was made constant in inde according to the ayde of our Lord my God, and gathered together of Israel men, that should goe vp together with me. 

31 And these are the princes according to their kindredes, and eueral principalities of them that came vp from Babylon the kingdom of Artaxerxes.  (1 Esd 8:1) 

32 Of the children of Phares, Gerfomus:  and of the children of Siemarith, Amenus:  of the hildren of Dauid, Acchus the sonne of Scecilia: 

33 Of the children of Phares, Zacharias, and with him returned an hundred fiftie men. 

34 Of the children of leader Moabilion, Zaraei, and with im two hundred fiftie men: 

35 Of the children of Zachues, Iechonias of Zechoel, and with him two hundred fiftie men: 

36 of the children of Sala, Maasias of Gotholia, & with him seuentie en: 

37 of the children of Saphatia, Zarias of Michel, and with him eightie men: 

38 of the children of Iob, Abdias of Iehel, and with him two hundred twelue men:

39 of the children of Bania, alimoth, the sonne of Iosaphia, and with him an hundred sixtie men: 

40 of the children of Beer, Zacharias Bebei, and with him two hundred eight men: 

41 of the children of Ezead, Ioannes of ccetan, and with him an hundred ten men: 

42 of the children of Adonicam, which were last, and these are their names, Eliphalam the sonne of Gebel, and Semeias, and with him seuentie men. 

43 And I gathered them together to the riuer that is called Thia, and we camped there three dayes, and vewed them againe. 

44 And of the children of the Priestes and Leuites I found not there. 

45 And I sent to Eleazarus, and Eccelon, and Masman, and Maloban, and Enaathan, and Samea, and Ioribum, Nathan, Enuaugam, Zacharias, and Mosolam the leaders them selues, and that were kilful. 

46 And I sayd to them that they should come to Loddeus, who was at the place of the treasurie. 

47 And I commanded them to say to Loddeus, and his brethren, and to them that were n the treasurie, that they should send vs them that might doe the function of priesthood in the house of the Lord our God. 

48 And they brought vnto vs according to the mightie hand of the ord our God cunning men:  of the children of Moholi, the sonne of Leui, the sonne of Israel, Sebebia, & his sonnes and brethren, which were eightene: 

49 Asbia, and Amin of the sonnes of the hildren of Chananeus, and their children twentie men. 

50 And of them that serued the temple, whom Dauid gaue, and the princes themselues to the ministerie of the Leuites of them that serued he temple, two hundred twentie.  Al their names were signified in writings. 

51 And I vowed there a fast to the yong men in the sight of God, that I might aske of him a good iourney for vs, and hem that were with vs, and for the children, and the cattel because of ambushementes. 

52 For I was ashamed to aske of the king footemen and horsemen in my companie, to guard vs, against ur aduersaries. 

53 For we sayd to the king that the power of our Lord wil be with them that seeke him with al affection. 

54 And agayne we besought the Lord our God according to these hinges:  whom also we had propicious, and we obteyned of our God. 

55 And I separated of the rulers of the people, and of the Priestes of the temple, twelue men, and Sedebia, and Asanna, nd with them of their brethren ten men.

56 And I weyed to them the gold and siluer, and the vessels of the house of our God perteyning to the Priestes, which the king had geuen, and his ounselers, and the princes, and al Israel. 

57 And when I had weyed it, I deliuered of siluer an hundred fiftie talentes, and siluer vessels of an hundred talentes, and of gold an hundred talentes. 

58 And of vessels of gold seuen score and twelue brasen vessels good of shyning brasse, resembling the forme of gold. 

59 And I sayd to them:  You are also sanctified to our Lord, and the essels be holie, and the gold and siluer is vowed to our Lord the God of our fathers. 

60 Watch and keepe, til you deliuer them to some of the rulers of the people, and to the Priestes, and euites, and to the princes of the cities of Israel in Ierusalem, in the treasurie of the house of our God. 

61 And those Priestes and Leuites that receiued the gold and siluer and vessels, brought it o Ierusalem into the temple of our Lord. 

62 And we went forward from the riuer Thia, the twelfth day of the first moneth, til we entred into Ierusalem.

63 And when the third day was come, in he fourth day the gold being weyed, and the siluer, was deliuered in the house of the Lord our God, to Marimoth Priest the sonne of Iori. 

64 And with him was Eleazar the sonne of Phinees:  nd with them were Iosadus the sonne of Iesus, and Medias, and Banni the sonne of a Leuite, by number and weight al thinges. 

65 And the weight of them was writen the same houre. 

66 And hey that came out of the captiuitie, offered sacrifice to our Lord the God of Israel, oxen twelue, for al Israel, rammes eightie six,

67 lambes seuentie two, bucke goates for sinne twelue, and for ealth twelue kyne, al for the sacrifice of our Lord. 

68 And they read againe the preceptes of the king to the kinges officers, and to the deputies of Coelesyria, and Phoenice:  and they honored he nation, and the temple of our Lord. 

69 And these thinges being finished, the rulers came to me, saying:  The stocke of Isreal, and the princes, and the Priestes, and the Leuites, (1 Esd 9:1)

70 nd the strange people, and nations of the land haue not separated their vncleannes from the Chananeites, and Hetheites, and Pherezeites, and Iebuseites, and Moobites, & AEgyptians, and dumeians. 

71 For they are ioyned to their daughters both themselues, and their sonnes:  and the holie sede is mingled with the strange nations of the earth, and the rulers and magistrates were artakers of that iniquitie from the beginning of the reigne it self. 

72 And forthwith as I heard these thinges, I rent my garmentes and sacred tunike:  and tearing the heares of my head, and my eard, I sate sorowful and heauie. 

73 And there assembled to me mourning vpon this iniquitie, as manie as were then moued by the word of our Lord the God of Israel, and I sate sad vntil the uening sacrifice. 

74 And I rising vp from fasting, hauing my garmentes rent and the sacred tunike, kneeling, and stretching forth my handes to our Lord,

75 I sayd:  Lord I am confounded, and shamed before thy face,

76 for our sinnes are multiplied ouer our heades, and our iniquities are exalted euen to heauen. 

77 Because from the times of our fathers we are in great sinne vnto this ay. 

78 And for the sinnes of vs, and of our fathers we haue bene deliuered with our brethren, and with our Priestes to the kinges of the earth, into sword and captiuitie, and spoile with onfusion vnto this present day. 

79 And now what a great thing is this that mercie hath happened to vs from thee o Lord God, & leaue thou vnto vs a roote, and a name in the place of thy anctification,

80 to discouer our light in the house of the Lord our God, to geue vs meate in al the time of our bondage. 

81 And when we serued, we were not forsaken of the Lord our God:  ut he sette vs in fauour, appointing the kinges of the Persians to geue us meate,

82 and to glorifie the temple of the Lord our God, and to build the desolations of Sion, to geue vs stabilitie in urie, and Ierusalem. 

83 And now what say we Lord, hauing these thinges? For we haue transgressed thy preceptes, which thou gauest into the handes of thy seruantes the prophetes,

84 saying:  hat the land into which ye entred to possesse the inheritance therof, is a land polluted with the coinquinations of the strangers of the land, and their vncleanes hath filled it wholy with their ilthines. 

85 And now your daughters you shal not match with their sonnes, and their daughters you shal not take for your sonnes. 

86 And you shal not seeke to haue peace with them for euer, hat growing strong you may eate the best things of the land, and may distribute the inheritance to your children for euer. 

87 And the thinges that happen to vs, al are done for our nauhtie orkes, and our great sinnes. 

88 And thou gauest vs such a roote, and we are returned againe to transgresse thy ordinances, that we would be mingled with the vncleannes of the nations of this and. 

89 Wilt not thou be wrath with vs to destroy vs, til there be no roote left nor our name? 

90 Lord God of Israel thou art true.  For there is a roote left vntil this present day. 

91 Behold, now e are in thy sight in our iniquities.  For it is not to stand any longer before thee in these matters. 

92 And when Esdras with adoration confessed weeping, lying flat on the ground before the emple, there were gathered before him out of Ierusalem a verie great multitude, men and wemen, and yong men and yong wemen.  For there was great weeping in the multitude it self.  (1 Esd 10:1) 

93 And when he had cried, Iechonias of Ieheli of the children of Israel, sayd to Esdras:  We haue sinned against our Lord, for that we haue taken vnto vs in mariage strange wemen of the ations of the land. 

94 And now thou art ouer al Israel, in these therfore let there be an othe from our Lord to expel al our wiues that are of strangers with their children. 

95 As it was decreed to hee of the ancesters according to the law of our Lord, rising vp declare it. 

96 For to thee the busines perteineth, and we are with thee:  doe manfully. 

97 And Esdras rysing vp adiured the rinces of the Priestes and Leuites, and al Israel to doe according to these thinges and they sware.


Esdras fasting for the sinnes of the people, commandeth that they separate al strange wemen from them.  The Priestes and Leuites, which had offended herein, are recited.  He eadeth the law before the people:  certaine doe expound to the multitudes in seueral places. And so they are dismissed with ioy.

1 AND Esdras rysing vp from before the court of the temple, went into the chamber of Ionathas the sonne of Nasabi.  (1 Esd 10:6) 

2 And lodging there he tasted no bread, nor dranke ater for the iniquitie of the multitude. 

3 And there was proclamation made in al Iurie, & in Ierusalem to al that were of the captiuitie gathered in Ierusalem,

4 that whosoeuer shal not appeare ith in two or three dayes, according to the iudgement of the ancients sitting vpon it, their goods should be taken away, and himselfe should be iudged an alien from the multitude of the aptiuitie.

5 And al were gathered that were of the tribe of Iuda, and of Beniamin within three dayes in Ierusalem:  this is the ninth moneth, the twentith day of the moneth. 

6 And al the ultitude sate in the court of the temple trembling, for the present winter. 

7 And Esdras rysing vp sayd to them:  You haue done vnlawfully taking to you in mariage strang wiues, that you ight adde to the sinnes of Israel. 

8 And now geue confession, & magnificence to our Lord the God of our fathers: 

9 and accomplish his wil, and depart from the nations of the land, and from our wiues the strangers. 

10 And al the multitude cried, and they sayd with a lowde voice:  As thou hast sayd, we wil doe.  

11 But because the multitude is great, and winter time, and we can ot stand in the ayre without succour: and this is a worke for vs not of one day, nor of two, for we haue sinned much in these thinges: 

12 Let the rulers of the multitude stand, and that dwel ith vs, and as manie as haue with them forreine wiues,

13 and at a time appointed let the priestes out of euerie place, and the iudges assist, vntil they appeaze the wrath of our Lord concerning his busines.

14 And Ionathas the sonne of Ezeli, and Ozias of Thecam tooke vpon them according to these wordes:  and Bosoramus, and Leuis, and Sabbathaeus, wrought together with them. 

15 And al that were of the captiuitie stood according to al these thinges. 

16 And Esdras the priest chose vnto him men the great princes of their fathers according to their names:  & they sate ogether in the newmoone of the tenth moneth to examine this busines. 

17 And they determined of the men that had outlandish wiues, vntil the newmoone of the first moneth. 

18 And there ere found of the priestes entermingled that had outlandish wiues. 

19 Of the sonnes of Iesus the sonne of Iosedec, and his brethren:  Maseas, and Eleazarus, and Ioribus, and Ioadeus,

20 and hey put to their handes to expel their wiues:  and to offer a ramme to obtayne pardon for their ignorance.

21 And the sonnes of Semmeri:  Maseas and Esses, Ieelech, and Azarias.

22 And of the hildren of Fofere:  Limosias, Hismaenis, and Nathanee, Iussio, Reddus, and Thalsas. 

23 And of the Leuites:  Iorabdus, and Semeis, and Colnis, and Calitas, and Facteas, and Coluas, and liomas,

24 and of the sacred singing men, Eliasib, Zaccarus. 

25 And of the porters, Salumus, and Tolbanes. 

26 And of Israel:  of the sonnes of Foro, Ozi, and Remias, and Geddias, & elchias, and Michelus, Eleazarus, and Iammebias, and Bannas. 

27 And of the sonnes of Iolaman:  Chamas, and Zacharias, and Iezuelus, and Ioddius, and Erimoth, and Helias. 

28 And of the onnes of Zathoim:  Eliadas, and Liasumus, Zochias, and Larimoth, & Zabdis, and Thebedias. 

29 And of the sonnes of Zebes:  Ioannes, and Amanias, and Zabdias, and Emeus. 

30 And of the onnes of Banni:  Olamus, & Maluchus, and Ieddeus, and Iasub, and Azabus, & Ierimoth. 

31 And of the sonnes of Addin:  Nathus, and Moosias, & Caleus, and Raanas, Maaseas, Mathathias, nd Beseel, and Bonnus, and Manasses. 

32 And of the sonnes of Nuae:  Noneas, and Aseas, and Melchias, and Sameas, and Simon, Beniamin, and Malchus, and Marras. 

33 And of the sonnes f Asom: Carianeus, Mathathias, & Bannus, & Eliphalach, and Manasses, and Semei.

34 And of the sonnes of Banni:  Ieremias, and Moadias, and Abramus, & Iohel, and Baneas, & Pelias, and onas, and Marimoth, & Eliasib, and Matheneus, and Eliasis, and Orizas, and Dielus, and Semedius, & Zambris, and Iosephus. 

35 And of the sonnes of Nobei:  Idelus, and Mathathias, and abadus, and Zecheda, Zedmi, and Iessei, Baneas. 

36 Al these maried outlandish wiues, and did put them away with their children. 

37 And the Priestes and the Leuites, and they that were of srael, dwelt in Ierusalem, and in the whole countrie in the newmoone of the seuenth moneth.  And the children of Israel were in their habitations. 

38 And al the multitude was gathered together nto the court, which is on the east of the sacred gate: 

39 and they sayd to Esdras the high priest, and reader, that he should bring the law of Moyses, which was deliuered of our Lord the God f Israel. 

40 And Esdras the high priest brought the law to al the multitude of them from man vnto woman, and to al the priestes to heare the law in the newmoone of the seuenth moneth. 

41 nd he read in the court, which is before the sacred gate of the temple, from breake of day vntil euening before men and wemen.  And they al gaue their minde to the law. 

42 And Esdras the riest, and reader of the law stoode vpon a tribunal of wood, which was made. 

43 And by him stood Mathathias, and Samus, and Ananias, Azarias, Vrias, Ezechias, and Balsamus on the right and,

44 and on the left Faldeus, Misael, Malachias, Ambusthas, Sabus, Nabadias, and Zacharias. 

45 And Esdras tooke the booke before al the multitude:  for he was chiefe in glorie in the sight f al. 

46 And when he had ended the law, they stood al vpright:  and Esdras blessed our Lord the most high God, the God of Sabaoth omnipotent. 

47 And al the people answered:  Amen.  nd lifting vp their handes falling on the ground, they adored our Lord. 

48 Iesus and Banaeus, and Sarebias, and Iaddimus, and Accubus, and Sabbathaeus, and Calithes, & Azarias, and oradus, and Ananias, and Philias Leuites,

49 who taught the law of our Lord, and read the same in the multitude, & euerie one preferred them that vnderstood the lesson. 

50 And Atharathes ayd to Esdras the high priest and the reader, and to the Leuites, that taught the multitude,

51 saying:  This day is sancitified to our Lord.  And they al wept, when they had heard the law. 

52 nd Esdras sayd, departing therfore eate ye al the fattest thinges, & drinke al most swete things, and send giftes to them that haue not. 

53 For this is the holy day of our Lord, & be not sad.  For ur Lord wil glorifie you. 

54 And the Leuites denounced openly to al, saying:  This day is holie, be not sad. 

55 And they went al to eate, and drinke, and make merie, and to geue giftes to them hat had not, that they might make merie, for they were excedingly exalted with the wordes that they were taught. 

56 And they were al gathered in Ierusalem to celebrate the ioy, according to he testament of our Lord the God of Israel.